Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Soccer, Love, and more...

Carson and Kylie have been on a soccer team for the last couple of months. It was a good experience for them. They met new friends, and had a fun time. They were pretty bashful during the games. I even held their hands and walked around with them during one, so that they would play (it was pretty low key). The last game was on Saturday, and it was so fun. They each got a pretty medal, with their names engraved on it. Here is Carson checking his out.....
They did well at the goaly position, because they could stand together, and have us close by.At the last game they got to play with this floating UFO thing. They had clowns, and they got a soccer cup with candy inside. They loved that part! After the game, my parents came over to give the kids their Valentine's presents, and babysit so that Kyle and I could go out.
They gave them these cute little plates. Lexi got one too, but hers was too large to fit on her high chair.I had also bought a ton of candy to give out at church. My mom and Kylie helped me to put them into pretty bags. Of course we sampled them along the way=0)
Here are the kids on Valentine's Day. The girls had cute matching dresses. I thought it was funny how Lexi was showing us how old she is in the picture.

Kyle and I bought them this pop up train tent for the holiday. They love it, and actually play with it! That makes us happy!
And here are a few random pictures of the last week.........
These are the hair bows that my friend taught me how to make. She made most of them in this picture. They are fun and easy to make.
Kylie fell asleep with her balloons, and her horse (she sleeps with the horse every night). It was really cute and funny!
Here they are in cute matching colors. Lexi is in one of her new Birthday outfits.
Carson having a yummy superbowl cupcake. That frosting has some serious food coloring in it. I have a funny, gross story about the after math of it. I am sure you can imagine what it is!!!he.he And here are two of my munchkins taking a very bubbly bath. Lexi would have been up to her eyeballs in suds=).I have to be VERY careful to keep all soaps in high storage areas. Otherwise this happens, and I am always out of soap! It gets expensive, but makes for a cute picture.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fun to be One!!

Happy birthday to our little sweetheart!!! She had an amazing day. I think that is obvious just by looking at the cake =) It turned out so pretty.............that is probably because I ordered it. he.he. If anyone wants the name of the cake lady, just let me know. It tasted super good as well. Even though she is only one, I think she knew the day was just for her. There was so much to celebrate..........her being in our family for a year now! She has been such a blessing, and it is a miracle that she has survived all of us.=) We had a Valentine/cupcake party for her. Here are some pictures of her big day.................
The cake- Yellow (homemade) cake with chocolate ganache filling, buttercream icing, and fondant around the bottom. It was pretty tasty!And of course a miniature one, just for her.
We also had a some lasagna, chicken, salad, and rolls. Thanks mom for catering!
This is Ranae, Kyle has known her since he first moved to Boise. She is the kind of person that is hard not to love and become attached to. She was his mom away from home. She and her husband are great people, and we were so glad they came to party with us!
The birthday girl and I
It took her a minute to figure out what to do with the cake,
but she figured it out!when the cake got into her eyes, and up her nose, it was time to call it quits.And also time for a bath
I found this cute cupcake pinata, and filled it with good stuff. Carson and Kylie loved it. We also made goodie bags for some of our friends to take to their relatives. I guess I had been expecting more little kids to come. Carson and Kylie didn't mind having it all to themselves. he.he.
It was a pull-string type, which is great for smaller kids, and much safer too!=)Carson found these cool heart glasses inside. What a handsome little man.
And Kylie was a BIG help with the presents. Lexi got adorable clothes, beautiful hairbows made by my friend Christen, Birthstone (amethist) earrings from my parents, toys, and gift cards and money from our friends and family in California.
Thank you to everyone who came, and to those who sent their love from far away. It made her day extra special.
These were the cute party favors that I made. The ice cream cone had conversation hearts and a fortune note inside that said "Thanks for celebrating with me". The top is a snow ball. They turned out so cute. Kyle was a huge help with these,
and so were the big brother and sister!and here is a centerpiece that I made from suckers. Thank you Angela, for the adorable idea. It turned out really cute!
Between Chloe, and my new church responsibility.........last week was just not my week, to say the least. It was wonderful to have something so great to smile about! We love our Alexis Brielle. I can't believe she is already a big one year old. Time sure flies when you are having fun. Thanks again for all the phone calls from our families and friends who couldn't be here.We missed you! Happy Birthday again, Lexi!!!!!!!!!!!