Friday, October 29, 2010

fall festivities

Here are some fun things we have done so far this fall...........................
We made candy pumpkin necklaces for family night. Lex didn't care about the necklace, she just wanted the candy! Carson and daddy taking their necklace very serious.....

Kylie and I having fun with it! The boys beat us, but we didn't care=)

preschool field trip to the pumpkin patch

Kylie and Carson picked out some pretty big pumpkins. Here they are trying to use some team work skills to carry them out. he.he.

These sheep were so friendly
They were so cute too
Bedtime stories in new warm jammies
Off to the apple orchard to pick apples for our apple sauce

Yummy...... They liked watching how the apples magically turned into sauce. Pretty cool!
Kylie and Carson had their second visit to the Dentist. They both came out cavity free, but were told to brush a little longer. They got some cool toys and fancy tooth brushes
We went out to pick some strawberries
and turned them into freezer jam Carson helped me cut them all up. He was so cute and really helped a lot.

My first turn teaching their pre-school class. It was a lot of fun. I am so impressed with how much they are learning. Kylie has already learned how to write her name, and Carson is getting much better with recognizing letters and the phonics as well!

Lexi has also been learning right along with them. It is amazing how fast they can learn things. She already likes to count and sing their preschool songs with them.

Monday, October 4, 2010

My Cal-if-ornia girls.......they're undeniable

I will stop right there, because we were not wearing daisy dukes with bikinis on top. he.he. I was so grateful to be able to take a trip out there to visit my girls! Alexis and I flew down with my mom. It is funny how independent she is these days. We got some McDonalds for breakfast and she loved walking by herself with her milk. Everyone thought she was pretty cute. My main reason for the trip was to visit my sweet Sandra. She is going through some really challenging times right now, and I just had to go see her. I am her cheer team, and I am SO proud of her and her tremendous courage. She is one of my very best friends, and I will be right behind her cheering her on, until she is through this trial. Audrey, her and I have been very close for a very long time.
It was awesome to get together and laugh, go to a movie and just hang out like we always do when we are reunited=) Sandra's mom usually makes these delicious tacos, when we all get together. Words cannot describe their yumminess, and I had to take this picture to make Kyle jealous. he.he. He loves them too.
Lex and I hanging out in my Nana and Juan's beautiful backyard enjoying the gorgeous weather!
My daddy Juan and Lex in front of his bird of paradise plant. He is a food scientist, and has lots of fruit trees in his backyard. Some I had never even heard of. She and I were going to share this starbuck's smoothie, but I only got a few sips!
My mom, nana, my cousin and I hit up some outlet stores. They created a monster in me, when I was just a little munchkin. They taught me everything I know about shopping, and because of them it is one of my few, but favorite hobbies=) The three of us together do some good damage in a short period of time!
We also went treated ourselves......well my mom treated me to a pedicure. It was lovely!
Sandra, Diana and I were able to get together for some yummy mexican food for lunch.....thanks to my nana and Juan. Diana came bearing gifts for Sandra and I........I knew I liked her for a good reason. ha. ha. She and I have been friends since the first day of the second grade. I am grateful for those red, white and black dresses that we both happened to be wearing. What a great ice breaker they were. The three of us and Audrey all worked together at Kenney Rogers roasters too. I had an amazing time as always. I love my ladies over there, they are so important to me. I am truely blessed to have their friendship and to be part of Sandra's support system. They are like sisters to me, and I will always be there for them. I love you girls!!! xoxoxoxox