Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Its Beginning to look a lot like............................

Christmas! YaY!. We have been enjoying all of the decorating, and other Christmas festivities. We got an awesome, large tree for a great that helps get us in the spirit. Kylie, Carson, and Alexis loved helping decorate the tree. Kyle puts the lights on for us, and he does a great job.......he puts lots and lots of lights. I had bought a lot of decorations for it at the after Christmas sale last year, so I was anxious to see them.
There was a lot of funny conversation in regards to the decorations with the kids, especially with the ornament hooks. We were at the store, when Carson shouted out that we need to find the "hookers". I said "WHAT", and then I realized what he was talking about. I was glad he reminded me, although the people around us probably thought we were crazy.ha.ha. Then we got home and he would say " I need a hooker over here" Then he would call them by the various colors. I tried to correct him and tell them they are called "hooks", and they would both say "no mom, they are called hookers". Anyway, it was funny.

We also had a good snow storm that day. It was beautiful. Kyle had the day off work, and spent the entire morning helping the neighbors shovel their walks and driveways. What a great guy! The kids were happy to help him too.
Here it is...............all decorated! Not to bad=0)

This last weekend was so fun! The town where my parents live, had a Christmas celebration. We went to this ranch, where they were having a children's fair. They had animals for the kids to pet, and even sit on. Lexi loved the horses.These goats were so sweet

The girls sat on this beautiful horse
We were all having a great time.......especially me.......the animal lover. =0)
pictures with the big man
I love this one. Carson is whispering in his ear, that he wants a choo choo train.
After their visit, they got to pick out a stuffed animal from under the tree.
And then we got to go on a little ride in the arena. You can tell that they were having a wonderful time.
Lex and I were pulled by This little cutie. He would either go really slow, or pretty fast. He was having a rough day!
Kylie had my camera in the car.........and this is what I found on it. Pretty cute!
We then went to see a free movie that was playing in town. Carson's favorite movie " The Polar Express". It was really fun. The movie theater is vintage, and very neat. After the movie, the kids each received a beautiful bell from the owner.
Kylie again in charge of the camera. Love the bunny ears......thanks Kyle =0)
The next day, there was a special musical program at church. Kyle and our church's choir sang in it. We invited our neighbor to join us. They all looked so cute in their Christmas outfits.

And for our family night this week, we baked lots of cookies, and delivered them to friends in our old neighborhood. It was a fun night. The kids had just had a lesson at church on giving, so it was perfect timing to do this. Doesn't Lexi look thrilled? ha ha. She was a little upset, that I wouldn't let her squish the cookie plates. The kids also colored the cards that are attached to them.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We spent our Thanksgiving with my dad's side of the family in Nevada. We planned this when we found out that Boise State was playing there this year. On our way over, we followed a caravan of Boise state fans. They all had flags flying on their cars. We stopped to let the kids use the restroom and we had to wait in a long line of blue and orange (about 30min.). The owner of the store said if he knew BSU was so popular, he would have put in two sets of bathrooms. ha.ha

When we got to my uncle's house we were so glad to see my grandma. She is a great lady. She has always had such a great sense of humor.My aunt and uncle have the sweetest dog. We all loved her and I wanted to take her home with us.

Carson basting the Ham........what a big helper!
Our yummy feast!

Hot chocolate.........mmmm
Carson, Lexi and Libby.......all snuggling with Kyle=0)
Then Kyle and I were off to Reno for the big game. We had to stop in this big sport's store to check it out. This is what we found as we walked in. I should have taken him out while I had the chance. I figured my boys would be picking on him enough that night, so I left him alone........big mistake! That dirty dog.

We had great seats, close to the field.
We sat close to these guys. They were funny. Boise lost the game, which was a big bummer. There is no reason why they shouldn't have won that game. The fans over there were super rude too. We got the bird a bunch of times .ha.ha. Oh, well. We still had a great time. We were pretty disappointed though. Like I said.......we should have won that game.
Kyle and the kids built this awesome big snow man the next day. They also built two little ones. They had a great time.
My aunt Altie and Kylie
My dad, my grandma and I. I was so glad to see her. She was so patient with our kids. She colored with them, played hide and seek with them, and read books to them. It was a great time.
We had a long drive home that night. Kyle was needed at work, so we headed home in some bad weather. We didn't get home until about 2:30 in the morning. We all snuggled in my bed for a while the next day.
We have so much to be thankful for, and I am glad that Thanksgiving gives us the extra opportunity to reflect on our blessings each year. =0)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Super nana!

My Nana came here to visit for a week before Halloween. I am a little behind posting this, but better late then never! We had a wonderful time. She wanted to go to a Boise State game, and it was Kylie's turn to come with us. The weather was a little cold and we had some rain showers. She is a true fan, because she even put on the rain gear to support our team! I like to call her super nana for one, because she is great with kids. Also when the twins were born, she wanted to surprise us and come for a visit to meet them. My mom was so excited and she ended up telling me about her trip plans. I thought it would be fun to surprise her instead. So I showed up to the airport with my twins and my limo stroller, and I held up a sign that said super nana. It was really fun.

We had to get our usual picture with the cheerleaders.......especially for Kylie! ( Kyle didn't mind too much either)
She got to pet the pretty horse
My nana and I before the rain came
Here is Kylie proudly sitting by her daddy on the way to the game
During her visit, we took the kids to look at some toys. We thought this was pretty funny.
We also went on the pumpkin liner! It was beautiful..........and rainy.he.he
The scenery is gorgeous!

We had snacks and colored on the way up to the pumpkin patch
Here we are snuggling at grammy's house
We also had some perfect weather while she was here, so we took her to the park. I was looking around on the ground for nana........and I found her up in the park. No wonder why the kids love her so much=)
We also took her to the West side drive in for some yummy food. We had to get her picture next to Guy from the food network.
We love her just like family, and we were all sad when it was time for her to head back to California. We had sooo much fun, and always treasure every minute that we are all together. Thanks nana for the visit. We hope you will come back to see us again soon. Love you lots!