Monday, April 26, 2010

Special visitors

My birth parents came for a visit a couple of weeks ago. We had a great visit with them. Kylie and Carson were anxious for there arrival because they knew that there would be a lot of presents. The first thing they say when they open the door is "where's the presents". We have a lot of things to work on when it comes to manners =0) Carson loves to give this big fake smile. They had so much fun spending time with nonna and pop pop.
Carson loved his new train set, Kylie loved her new Dora doll, and Alexis loved her new stroller/walker. They also got some cute clothes and candy. They brought me my "Twilight" movies.........oh yeah!We were able to take the kids swimming at their hotel pool. They had so much fun. Lexi loved floating around too! It was so hard to get them out of the pool. It is so neat to me that I have the opportunity to know them, and my sisters. Even though I don't see or talk to them much, it is great to have them in our lives. I think it is wonderful that they and my parents can get together, and we all have a great time. It is definitely a unique situation, and I feel so blessed.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

At Your Service

My little fire rescuers in training! The fire station by my parents house had a chili feed last weekend. They had all their trucks open for people to check out and climb on. There was a station where the kids could use the fire hose to put out a little fire. Kylie and Carson were thrilled to be there. Carson took us for a spin in the truck........look out everyone!

Lexi couldn't quite reach the wheel=0) She looked pretty cute though.
And then we went to the horse races. The horses were friendly and loved having the kids scratch their heads!

It was a great weekend!


Here are some pictures of our Easter! We had a great day. It was quiet, but still a lot of fun. The Easter bunny did not disappoint.The play doh ice cream factory was pretty fun......and messy too! We had some yummy bunny rabbits for breakfast
Lexi was hilarious, she was like a vacuum. Everytime I looked at her, she had found some more candy to eat off the ground.
They wore their Easter outfits to church the following week. They all looked really cute. It is next to impossible to get a picture of all three of them looking at the camera though=0)
And we decorated eggs. They loved it. Carson was really fast at it. He decorated a lot of them, and the rest of us only got to do a few........we were all too slow.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Row, row, row your boat =)

Last weekend Carson had the opportunity to spend time with his daddy and grandpa fishing. He had the best time ever! He was so excited to get his own l fishing pole ( a lightning Mcqueen one), and have his dad all to himself. He and Kyle woke up really early to go to my dad's house, and Kyle said my little Carson talked the whole way there. Here are some pictures of their trip................ They did only get one fish after six hours on the boat, but they had a lot of fun anyway. Carson even took a nap.
The girls were stuck with me, and we did some shopping, and had lunch with my mom and her friend. It was a lot of fun too. Shopping is always hard work.....but someone has to do it! =0)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Going Back To My City By The Bay (pictures galore)

We were able to go to California for a visit last week. It worked out so perfectly, because I was going to a baby shower for a friend of mine, and Kyle needed to go visit a customer in San Francisco, so we were all able to drive together. We left really early in the morning, and just threw the kids in the car in their p.j's, so that they could hopefully sleep for a lot of the boring drive. Before we left Idaho, we stopped off to buy Alexis a new car seat, so that she could watch movies without having to twist her head around. Her daddy ran in the store and picked her out a beautiful pink seat. Carson liked holding her hand. He looks a little tired in the picture (maybe because we were up at 3:30am!)
We stopped to visit both of my grandma's on the way over. I didn't get a picture of my other grandma, because she had a lot going on when we stopped in to surprise her. This is my dad's mom, she was so glad to see the kids! We sure miss them both. When we finally arrived to my nana's, it was almost time for bed. She had goodie bags for the kids with toys, and snacks. She read them a book before bed. I love her family, just like I love my own family. I spent a lot of time with them growing up, I think I have a little Mexican in me because of it. he.he. Her and I both operate on Mexican standard time=0)......that is what she calls it!
While Kyle was at work we had lunch at my mom's work....I requested Casper's hot dogs........oh yeah!! The best hot dogs ever, we order them with some shredded cheese and tomato. I really miss the bay area food!
Lexi was so glad to see her Grammy! My kids were all spoiled with candy, toys, and coloring books by Carol. She is always so good to us, so we brought her some flowers.
Then it was off for a walk at Sycamore Park with my Nana, daddy Juan, Sandra and Arielle. My dad and I use to go jogging there. It is so cool, and the trees are amazing!
The kids loved Throwing rocks in the creek, and the weather was perfect! This is Kylie before she fell in............(I am so sorry sweetheart, that you inherited my coordination!) And here she is after! My friend Sandra saved the day, because she had just given the kids new pajamas. We would have had to go home if she hadn't, because Kylie was soaked. The pajamas were adorable, and they actually looked like clothes! Thanks again Sandra ;-)
Here are the amazing trees! I used to play in this exact same tree as a kid. It was just so neat to see my own kids playing in it too! We call it the Keebler house.
This is the window to the house Carson was a little scared to go up to the window, so I helped him!
Here is Kyle being silly with the kids. He is such a fun daddy!
My Nana's backyard
On Saturday my mom,Lex and I went to my friend Nicole's baby shower. Kyle, and the twins went to a car show. The car shows over there, are pretty amazing. I will put pictures of them on here when I get them from my Nana.
Here is Nicole with her adorable tummy. Three of my friends over there are pregnant........all with boys!
And later that night we got to go to dinner and a movie with Sandra and Rob. The downtown area where I grew up had changed so much (for the better). There is now so much to do that I am grown and gone(great timing!).
We also went to the San Francisco zoo one day. We stopped off for a Nation's hamburger on the way there......did I mention that I miss the food there?
This is my favorite view of the city as you drive in
There are so many buildings as you drive in, that it almost looks fake. I think it may be the neatest city that I have ever been too. The atmosphere there is unlike anywhere else, it is very unique.
My cousin and her kids met us there. It was sooo good to see them!! I loved these flowers in the back of them. Kylie did too, since they were purple =0)
Jessica's little boy was giving Lexi some was adorable
Everything over there was so green and pretty!
This peacock was so funny. He was really showing off his beautiful feathers, and he let Carson get pretty close to him.
Nana, Andrew and Daddy Juan, enjoying the beautiful day with us!
We stopped for a snack break, and Lexi was showing her daddy some cool things she saw.
did a little diaper change behind the bushes, and this picture made me laugh because it reminded me of a scene in the twilight movie. I know......I am crazy!he.he.
The kids riding the fake bear,
and here is the real bear!
This is the kids area of the zoo
We went out to a nice dinner after we were tired from walking around all day. Andrew took us to one of his favorite little restaurants in town. It was a really nice place. It was a two story building with retractable roof, and heaters all over the place. So you were inside,yet outside at the same time. Carson and Kylie got these pretty monkey time fit perfectly with what we did that day=)
On the way home, we had to stop off and show the kids a very special place to Kyle and I. The place where we were married! It is absolutely breathtaking! We should have went during the day, so that we could get better pictures. There are beautiful flowers, water fountains, and palm trees all around it.
You can walk around the top of it, and see the city. The picture does not do it justice. It was a little cool out, so we had to snuggle! As we were going up the stairs Kylie and Carson saw a picture of Jesus carved in the wall, and Kylie told us that this is where her dog and kitty live. It was so sweet!
Some more snuggling!
And for our last day there, my friend Diana made a picnic lunch for Sandra, the kids and I, and we went to play at the park.
Diana and I met in the second grade. She had just moved to town, and her and I were wearing the exact same dress on the first day of school, it was an ice breaker, and we have been friends ever since! I know you remember that black, white and red dress Diana!! ha.ha.( I feel bad that I left Lexi out of the picture! I was holding Ryland, because Sandra had surgery and couldn't. Lex was playing with toys, so it's o.k!) She made the best lunch for us. My nana had bought the kids silly string, so we had a little silly string fight while we were there. The bathrooms were closed, so Kylie and Carson really got to experience nature.......if you know what I mean!ha.ha. It was so wonderful to have a play date with my girlfriends and their kids. I miss them, and being there makes me want to move there. Although I love Idaho too, they are missing and a part of me remains in California! At least we get to visit eachother, and they are only a phone call away!
I only got to see my Audrey for a minute at her work, but that is o.k., since I just saw her a couple weeks ago. At least I got to see her!
On the way home, the weather got a little crazy going over the steep pass. This is the first time ever that we had to put chains on our car. They would not allow us over if we didn't have them. Poor Kyle had to go out in a short sleeve shirt and put them on. I got out once in my flip flops to get something for the kids, and I fell as soon as my foot hit the snow (what else is new! haha) I make myself laugh!

We stopped at my aunt and uncle's house on our way home. They live exactly half way........which is pretty neat. My aunt had little Easter bags for each of the kids. They loved playing with their dog too =) We had so much fun, and it was so nice to actually have a little time while we were there. We were busy everyday, from the moment we woke up, until the moment we went to bed. It was so nice to see everyone. I miss them all so much. I don't know if I have ever left with dry eyes!! We were so glad to get home too. The kids were glad to be back with all of their toys. The timing with Kyle's work was just perfect. We were so grateful that we could all go together. It is really special to Kyle and I, since we met there, were married there, and it is where he served his mission. It is always fun to show our kids where I grew up, and all of our favorite spots!