Thursday, July 26, 2012

Birthday parties!!!

We had 3 special birthday parties to attend in February. The first was for my good friend Melissa's little girl Bailey. Her and Lexi were both born on the 6th. She had a super cute Strawberry Shortcake party.
 Melissa is the cupcake queen! She makes cute and yummy cupcakes every time. Her and I have had a couple messy baking parties.

 Our kids neighbor friend also had a party at a jumping house place. It was so much fun, and the kids came home really tired. Kyle and I got to play with them and had a great time too.
 Lex made me go down this steep slide with her for her first time. I don't know which one of us screamed more. It definitely made your stomach fly.

 And then our little sweetheart had her own party at Chuck E. Cheese. She wanted a mermaid party.
 Melissa and I baked up some more cupcakes to go along with the cake

 Make a wish! Too cute that Kylie is helping her from a distance.

 a mermaid........perfect for a mermaid party ;)
 This is what happens when you are in a house full of girls....every now and then you are caught wearing a tiara or playing with a barbie. Nothing wrong with it. He is the best brother a girl could have!!

My dad was very ill and in the hospital on her birthday. We made sure to stop by to see him and let the birthday girl give him a big hug. I also gave him a picture of her at her party.
    Some fun things about our 3 year old.......She loves chicken. I think it is her top favorite food. She loves to snuggle and she can't go to sleep without me laying with her until she does fall asleep. She likes to play with her barbies and play dress up with her sister. She is very funny and says funny things every single day. She is sensitive, She likes the color purple ( and almost everything else that her sister likes), She is not big on healthy food such as vegetables or fruit. She does love strawberries though. give her a plate of strawberries and chicken and she will eat like there is no tomorrow! She can't wait to go to school.........I however never want to send her. She is my side kick while Carson and Kylie are away at school. She walks with me as we drop them off each day. Most of all we love her with all our hearts, and couldn't be more grateful to be her parents. I feel more blessed than what I deserve, to have what I have!!! I love celebrating their birthdays with them, and I have as much fun as they do as the day arrives!

More winter fun

Kylie and Lexi love to dress up, Kylie especially loves to dress her sister up. I love watching them play and prance around in their princess attire.
 Carson playing with some of his Christmas presents
 More dress up
 A trip to the mall. Who wouldn't want to drive a purple sports car ;)
 heading to Eastern Idaho to attend our beautiful little niece's baby blessing. Kyle hooked up angry birds for the car ride.
 My girls snuggling in the hotel room
 me and my handsome buddy at dinner
 The highlight of staying at a hotel is the kids get to swim!
 A caboose by grandma and grandpa's house
 and more swimming! Somehow I didn't get any pictures of the beautiful baby or any family members for that matter. I am guessing I left my camera in the car........who knows!
 My friend Melissa and I had the opportunity to go to the Brad Paisly/Scotty Mcreery/ The Band Perry concert. Melissa was a huge fan of Scotty on American Idol, and I have always liked Brad. It was a great night.
 Kylie had been really sick ever since we came home from Eastern Idaho. I really needed a fun night out. We  had taken her to so many Dr. appt's and even ended up in the E.R one night. She had severe stomach pain that lasted for weeks. It was awful and I felt so sorry for her. :(
Nothing a night out with Mr. Paisley can't fix! He is awesome and his songs are funny

 The girls may have princess gowns, but my Carson has giant helicopters to play with!
 We also took a day trip to the winter carnival in McCall. The parade was a lot of fun.

 And the giant buzz light year was pretty cool too