Monday, November 23, 2009

Beautiful Ballerina!

Kylie is now a little ballerina. She is not exactly what I would call graceful quite yet, but she is trying hard and really listens to her teacher. She has only been to two classes so far, so she is doing great! It is adorable to watch the girls practice. Their teacher is wonderful, and has so much patience with them. I am so proud of her hard efforts in class, and can't wait to see her first recital next month. We ordered her costume and she is very anxious to get it. It is beautiful!!!
Mel.......I know this brings back a lot of memories of the good ol' days of pink cadillac! he.he. We had so much fun being dance buddies. We one time had a performance at a festival in our hometown. Our dance teacher was away, and there were three of us girls doing the dance. Mel and I forgot our routine, so we started making it up as we went. The other girl had to stop and cause a scene, because she remembered the steps and looked at us like we were crazy ( I think we were a little)! We kept on doing our best and made it through. It was hilarious! Now my little princess is making her own fun memories. I hope she makes as good of buddies as I did!
Here she is at her second classThis is first position She is proudly wearing her cinderella tights!

And here she is at her first class
me and my kiddo's
and this is Kylie. We had gone to McDonald's for a happy meal. When we got home.....she looked like this! There was a little stamp as the toy, and she apparently thought it was makeup in the car (it was dark out). It was pretty funny!
Kylie and Carson dressed up for church in their coordinating pink outfits. Lexi was sporting purple that day.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pearly Whites

Carson had his first dentist appt. today! He did super! I was very, very proud of him. It was a little scary to bring all the kids with me alone, but Kylie was a huge helper. She sat in the chair with Carson the entire time and was his moral support. He had his hand on her leg for the majority of the time. It was really cute. They both got to wear these cool glasses, and he picked out a cars toothbrush. He also picked a motorcycle for his prize (they had great toys), and he got some cookies on the way out. They are smart at that office, they give us sugar on our way out to ensure that we will be back again=0) he.he. The best part of all was that he had no sugar bugs! Way to go buddy......keep up the good work. He eats candy like crazy, so I was a little worried, I would have been incredibly embarrassed too, since I used to work in the dental field! I guess our daily brushes are working well.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back in Business! (picture overload)

We finally made it through our illness, and have a lot of fun things to share. The weekend before we all got the nasty bug, Kyle's parents came to visit. We went to the pumpkin patch with them. The hay ride was a little scary. My bail of hay was loose, and it felt like I was going to fall backwards at any minute. Thankfully Lexi and I were saved from that potentially embarassing and painful moment!
The kids were allowed to pick any pumpkin that they wanted, but they had to be able to carry it. (those were the rules of the patch, not ours!) There were not any little ones, so we bought some on our way out.
Here is a tired daddy with his little princess
Carson gave Lexi a lot of love on the hayride
Here is grandma Belnap with the girls. We went with them to see a horse competition.
Carson loved hanging out with his grandpa and watching the tractor that smoothed out the dirt.
Here is Kylie reading to Lexi, while we all were sick. She was a great helper!
My grandma came to visit for a couple weeks. Thankfully we were all better, a few days into her visit. We took her to the cheesecake factory........yummy! We had a great time with her. She is so up to date with things. She knows how to use computers, cell phones, and she even ordered a stun gun while she was here. Look out all pontential intruders.....she said she knows exactly where she wants to aim that thing! he.he. She is funny and we love her! The kids are missing her. She played ring around the rosies with them, and London bridges. They think she is a pretty cool lady.

The kids also got to build their first bear.......or turkey( that is what Carson chose)
It even makes a gobble noise!
Halloween cards with McDonald's gift cards from nanaAlexis kept getting buckets placed on her head. She didn't seem to mind too much.
We made some spooky food. The kids enjoyed helping
Those eyeballs were pretty tasty!
Pumpking carving........we let Kyle do all the dirty work! Carson could not stand touching the slime.
but he loved using the carver
On Halloween we got extra dressed up in our colors, and went to the game( once again with our awesome bronco buddies). My mom and grandma watched the munchkins for us.....thanks again.
Aiden was buster bronco, and his outfit was too cute....especially from behind!
Carson, Kylie and Lexi complimented him, with their football and cheerleader costumes. Our neighborhood was very festive.
What a fun holiday. We all had a great day. Next year we will be better stocked with candy to pass out. I totally under-estimated! This was by far, the cutest bunch of broncos I have ever seen!!