Tuesday, October 18, 2011


We love taking the kids to do fun things. Kyle especially loves to do things with them on his days off. We took them to the zoo one weekend!They have added a few new things to our zoo. One of them was a butterfly room. Carson (my bug man) was in heaven!
Kylie looks cute, even with big ears!
That night we went to the drive-in. We get the kids in their jammies and head out.
They are normally asleep by the time we get out of the parking lot!
Normally in the mornings, everyone ends up in my bed. So cute to see Carson and Lexi snuggling!
and here is a pretty picture of my Kylie all dressed up in her favorite color!

Air show

We had to go and check out some cool airplanes at war hawk air museum over the summer. Kyle has a deep love for airplanes........especially the P-51 mustang. Those were what were at the airport that day. It is fun to see him get so excited about them.
There is also a restaurant on the roof of the airport. We like to go there and eat and watch the planes. The kids love it too. We had to get some milkshakes to cool off.
Oh dang........up close and personal with the Mustang!
That was very impressive!