Tuesday, February 15, 2011

She is TWO!!!!!

Good morning birthday girl. What a great way to start off her special day.........heart shaped pancakes.

We celebrated her birthday in McCall. She slept on the way up. I have no idea how she can sleep like this. It looks painful.
Every year in McCall they have a winter carnival with lots of ice sculptures. As soon as we came into town, we were greeted by Thomas the train. It looked like he was coming out of the mountain. The back car even had a place for kids to climb in for a picture.

Presents!!!!I love this picture!!taking a little break in her new chairpretty as a princess in camo. ha.ha. I am sure it is obvious that my dad picked out that hat for her.
My parents gave her this cute birthday doll. Way cute. She also got a little vacuum, a baby (from Kylie), a tent (from Carson), new swim suit, clothes, a Dora chair....and a few more. She had a good day needless to say=0)Good thing we had enough cake to share. This big guy was an unexpected guest. He was very large and healthy. Where is Billy the exterminator when you need him. ha.ha The kids threw some crackers and he was a happy camper.
The next day we went out to check out some more ice sculptures. Here is Kyle studying my R.S lesson book, while doing his business! ha.ha. This sculpture won second place. Very creative.

The trains were Carson's favorite of course. Trains must have been the theme this year, because there were at least three or four of them. This one was amazing. It won a prize for the best maintained.

On our way home we stopped to see the grand prize winner. It had a walkway leading up to it with bears and fish. Impressive!
And here is our two year old in her brand new big girl bed! Now we just need to get her to sleep in it all night.ha.ha
We had the best time in McCall! Lexis' birthday fell on Super bowl Sunday. My parents came with us on our mini vacation. We watched the Packers win the game!!! Woohoo!! My dad has been a big fan of them for about 16 years. I also am a fan of them, since I grew up watching them and cheering them on with my dad. I don't think Lexi's birthday could have been any better!

Some fun info. about Alexis:
She is in the 95% for height, 65% for weight ( she is pretty healthy. ha.ha.), when I ask her how old she is, she says " four-half" because that is what she hears her siblings say about their age, she likes pizza, loves pickles, loves to play with her brother and sister, she likes to snuggle, did not like her two year check up at all, Not a fan of doctors, she is still attached to her pacifier and calls it her "nummy", she is also enjoying drawing on the couch and walls recently, and just broke her front tooth. Terrible two's are officially here, and I wouldn't trade them for anything=0)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kylie/Carson's night out

Kyle and I love to take the kids out alone every now and then. I think they really need and enjoy that special time alone with us. Most recently we took Carson out to a basketball game at BSU. We all had a great time together. Me and my buddy getting in some snuggles before the game=0)
We took him out to dinner before at this cool place that we thought he would love. The waitresses deliver the food on roller skates (super talented). They go really fast and he did like to watch them. Kyle and I have seen them take some big and very messy spills in the past. Thankfully that night, we didn't have to witness any.
Carson loved the decorations...........
and he especially loved his strawberry milkshake. That kept him really busy!
We had to run to the store after to pick up a few things. While we were pushing him around in the cart he told us thank you for a fun night. I wanted to cry, because it was just so sweet and sincere. Normally I have to request some gratitude, so it is super special when they do it all by themselves! Thanks Carson and Kyle for a great night out with my boys!!

Kylie got to go out with us on a night out to see the Cinderella play. It was for her cousin's birthday. It was so much fun. Kyle and I were surprised at how well she paid attention to the play and she loved every minute of it.

There were no pictures allowed in the theater, but she was so excited that she was able to meet Cinderella and the rest of the cast after.
The three of us at dinner
Kylie was pretty spoiled the entire evening.........blanket and all=)
We love having that quality time with our little munchkins. Lexi is not left out by any means. She has had a lot of alone time with us.......including every night in our bed. ha.ha We look forward to taking them out on a lot more dates in the future=)
Last week was a little rough for us. We had some bad flu plus a sinus infection, strep throat, and pink eye on top of it all. I laugh at it now.......I can't believe all the things we had at one time. Anyway, we are all feeling better.........on antibiotics, and looking forward to celebrating Lexi's birthday this weekend!!