Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The night Kyle came home from the hospital, he told me that he bought a dog for the kids for Christmas. I couldn't believe he did that. I was so so excited! His surgery messed up his plan of keeping it a secret. We told the kids before school one morning and showed them pictures of her. We then drove to pick her up about an hour away. It was such a fun day.

 Kylie and Carson had a fun Christmas party at school, my friend also had a fun party at her house that same day. I had to at least sneak in and take a picture of my kindergartners and their party.
 They got to decorate these cute houses. There was a milk carton under them. Great idea! They also made me the cutest ornaments that had a poem attached and it made me cry.The poem was a tear jerker!  They were so proud of themselves for making me cry over it. ha.ha. It was seriously the sweetest thing ever!
 Here is our dog Lucy after her first grooming appointment. My dad helped me come up with her name.
 On Christmas Eve we took the kids to our favorite theater that serves food. Kyle loves to do lots of fun things with the kids on his days off. I am so glad that he is such a wonderful dad and loves them so much. I know all these fun things will give us great memories that we call all look back on.

After the movie, we went to this cool light display that is set up along the river. It was beautiful! There were bridges covered in lights that we walked on and the reflection in the water was so neat. They also had music playing and we were in the Christmas spirit for sure.

 One last picture of our tree all ready for the morning fun.
 We did our stockings that night also......we had church really early, and that saved us some time!

Some yummy treats from neighbors and friends were left on our doorstep!

Christmas morning!! Santa brought some great stuff!
I bought Kylie a set of twin dolls with a double stroller. ha.ha. Let's see how she handles it.
A new razor for Kyle
Team work!
We let the kids each buy presents for us and for each other. Carson picked me out these awesome slippers. I have worn them a lot and he is so happy every time he sees me in them. The funny part is that he can't keep a surprise a secret very well........just like me. He told me when he got home from shopping that he bought me slippers that were monsters. ha.ha

All dressed up for church. I loved having church on Christmas. Kyle played his violin and sang in the choir. It was great to be there to Celebrate our Savior's birth and listen to the beautiful music.

We went to my parents house for dinner and my mom gave me a little treasure from MAC

I love the Holidays and especially love to spend them with my family. They are everything to me!!