Monday, August 31, 2009

professional play-doh, landscaping, and bowling

We were invited to a kids craft class by a lady at church, who used to teach art. She taught us how to make rock pots. It was like playing with huge pieces of play doh. Kylie and Carson had a great time decorating them. Carson spent more time playing with the other kids, than he did on his pot, and they had so much fun. They now have to go back to paint them, since they have been baked.

Here is Lexi nibbling on some corn. It was sooo adorable!We started landscaping our new yard. The kids were a great help...............kind of =0) Kyle would probably say otherwise.

Lexi and I were fantastic supervisors
We ended our week with some bowling at BSU. It was Kylie and Carson's first time ever.
Carson kicked the ball, on his first time. It was hilarious!
Those must be some slick floors (I know they are, because I have slipped on them before! he.he) because the ball was barely even moving, and still mananged to continue rolling and knock down some pins!
Kyle scored in the mid 100's, and the kids got in the 70's. Show off's! I could have done that too, if I was using the bumpers!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

* Bring on the bling *

Carson went out with the boys for pizza and they also did a little swimming at grandpa's house

The gir's and I did this.........
This is Lexi after

During =(

Thankfully it only took about 5 seconds, because I was having major sympathy pains. he.he.
Kyle can't stand to be near it, so my mom was my moral support. Daddy does think she looks very pretty though.

And this is her before! Thankfully she smiled before, and shortly after as well. She looks gorgeous with her sparkley ears!!
We also took a little trip to the fair yesterday. Kylie and I decided to get some bling of our own (that's what it is called). They are thin strands of tensil, and they make your hair look very glamorous! Of course, Kylie requested pink bling......that's my girl!
We ran into Bob Marley
and climbed in some tractors. This one got my kids clothes all greasy, and Kylie was wearing white. Her and I can never keep white, looking white for an entire day! We should stick to camoflauge!
This was their favorite attraction at the fair. They were smiling from ear to ear. It was worth every penny!
Carson tried to win me some big money, but the nice man made him put it back. I had our get away stroller ready to go, and I even had the man distracted by my bling, but we just didn't quite make it! Better luck next time buddy!
Kyle and Lexi shared some strawberry shortcake........yummy =)

This is the result of some blue cotton candy

Also, here are a couple pictures of the Boise state scrimmage that we went to over rhe weekend. Kylie had to use the restroom, so she got us a sneak peak of the indoor practice field. The porta potties were all locked up. Good work girl!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Feliz Cumpleanos!!

Happy Birthday to my fabulous mom! We celebrated with mexican food, at one of our favorite restaurants in Boise (that seems to be our tradition for birthdays this year!) It was very yummy, and the atmosphere is awesome. My mom is so special to us, and we wanted to make sure that she had a great birthday. Her actual birthday was today, but we celebrated on Saturday. My mom has the best taste, always looks nice, is always super excited to see us, very positive and uplifting, generous.........the list goes on and on! So Happy Birthday again to an amazing mother, grandma, and friend!!! You are the best =0)
Here is my tired little buddy, resting on his sweet.......I was jealous!
but, I did get to love on my little Lexi!
The P.F Chang horse was a big hit
We then took a little boat ride and fed the ducks. Carson wanted to ride on his grandpa's boat.
Kyle was stuck with us girls!
Later that day, Kyle's brother and family from Eastern Idaho came over for a quick trip. We had a family B.B.Q. Here is a picture of the three babies. It was so funny to see little Joseph in between the big girls. Kyle said it looked like he was stuck between two sumo wrestlers. ha!
We were all excited to have our first over night guests in our new house. Carson and Kylie absolutely love playing with their cousins. It is so cute. They even insisted that they slept with them. Here is a picture of their first ever, slumber party.
Lots of goodbye hugs =0) Wish we could see them more!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's all good in the hood! is a picture of our new house! I will have to take a better one of it during the day. We have a never ending list of things to do still, but we are finally feeling a little settled in now. It seems like it has taken us forever to get moved in. Our neighbors seem to be very nice, and we have been spoiled with so many yummy treats!

We have already been to a neighborhood block party, which was really fun. It is nice to see that there are a lot of kids close to Kylie and Carson's age. They seem to be mostly girls, but Carson didn't seem to mind too much!

Here is Kylie taking a break with Alexis
And this is my little sleeping beauty, snuggling with her daddy. She still wakes up one time during the night ( I guess she is a little spoiled). I don't mind, it is the sweetest thing ever! After she finishes her bottle, she likes to talk, and talk. It makes Kyle and I smile every night. She is also eating baby food now, and she loves it!