Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Catching up!

I have been behind on my posts lately, so here is a couple of months all in one.......
A picture of my kindergartners waiting for me to pick them up. I walk them to class as much as possible, and I am always sure to give them a great big kiss. I know someday that will embarrass them, so I take advantage of it now.
My Birthday! My two wonderful friends made my day. While I was dropping off my munchkins at school, they quickly decorated my house, and brought home-made cinnamon rolls. They are awesome. September was a really hard month for of the hardest I have ever experienced, and I was so glad to feel so much happiness that day!
me and Keri
Me and my BBHAnother friend brought these awesome cupcakes
Kyle picked me up the coolest cake ever, and we had friends over to watch our team play!
My kids helped decorate, and even colored pictures to hang on the walls. Love them!
Kyle's parents were in town that weekend, so they also came over to celebrate with us.
Kylie and Carson's school has a walk each year, where the kids ask family and friends to sponsor them. Lexi and I went to cheer them on. Kylie takes after my athletic capabilities. ha.ha. Her friend and her held hands and walked pretty slowly the entire time. They would even stop to pick flowers. That's my girl!!
Carson on the other hand had me worried about how much I was going to have to pay. When I got there, I noticed that he was cutting across the field and making some good time. I explained to him the rules, and he went around the track after. ha.ha His face was red from working so hard. I was glad to be his cheerleader.

Here is a picture of Alexis helping her daddy with some canning.
My dad asked us to go to an Oktoberfest with him on the last day of September. Funny that they couldn't wait until October 1st to have it. ha.ha. Anyways, we had a great time. We loved the music. Lexi was especially enjoying it, and even dancing to it.

We were so entertained by this group that was dancing in a train form. It was really funny. This elderly lady in the front knew how to have a good time;0)
That same weekend, I celebrated with my Idaho B.F.F....Melissa! Her and I have so much in common. Our birthdays are exactly two weeks apart and we are the same age, our daughter's share the same birthday, we LOVE shopping and makeup, and we have a great time together. For her birthday I took her to lunch at Cafe Rio, where we can never get enough of their chicken salad! Then we went to have our makeup done at MAC. It was a fun day. Here we are showing off our makeovers, and trying not to laugh. It took a few tries to get a decent picture without us cracking up! Melissa and her seductive pose.ha.ha
Kylie, my mom and I went to the farmers market one Saturday morning, and had lunch at a cute place downtown also. I love to see the fresh flowers, and all the homemade things that are there.
Kylie and I enjoying the most delicious warm donuts with caramel dip. Kylie just looked at this picture, and said " I wish I could go to that place and get those again". I agree with her completely. I wish the same!
I love my family and friends all the fun things we are able to do together. I feel so blessed=0)