Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

We all made sure to wear our green yesterday! We went out for some corn beef and cabbage with my parents. My mom bought the kids some cute presents. They loved the silly string. My mom hid around the corner and blasted Kyle and I with it. Poor Alexis even got hit with some. The kids thought it was pretty funny!
Irish eyes are smiling=0)

Monday, March 16, 2009

choo, choo trains & Chuck E. Cheese

This past weekend, Kylie and Carson spent the night with my parents. My dad was getting ready to come over to help Kyle with some yard work, and my mom asked if I could send the kids back with him. They were excited to go, and I of course miss them like crazy when they are gone! Kyle and I did enjoy a night out with Alexis. We went to dinner, and did some shopping for a DVD player for our car. My parents took the kids to see some trains.........Carson loves trains. We are all taking them on an Easter train ride next month. I know they will just love it! Kyle also downloaded some pictures that had been on my mom's camera for a long time. I couldn't believe how much Kylie and Carson have grown, since those pictures were taken. you don't realize how big they are, until you see them up close! my handsome little guy my precious princess & grandpa We also took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese last week. They had a blast! They were scared of the characters, but I thought they were scary too. Who ever thought of those crazy looking things? The pizza is not the greatest either, but kids sure do love that place!

Lexi's first trip, and she never even knew she was there. She can sleep through anything!

Carson and Kylie's favorite game was shooting water at the target, and racing eachother.....look at how focused they were!

a ride on the monster truck terrified them......especially Carson =) Kyle and I thought it was hilarious, how mean are we? We laughed, while they cried!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Feeling the Love

Little miss Alexis must be feeling pretty special, with all of the visitors that have come to see her! My grandma, nana and daddy Juan drove all the way from California just to see her. They have been close family friends, since before I was born. They also babysat me for quite a long time. They are like family to us, and treat my kids as if they were their own grandkids. My grandma brought gifts for all three of our kids, and that really made Carson and Kylie extra happy. We had a great visit with them, and as always, the time went by too fast!My nana is hilarious, and we all were able to have a girl's night out to our monthly bunco party (grandma beat us all!). Here are some pictures of their visit.......... ............................................................
Here is Carson and Kylie, holding Lexi. Lexi was all dressed up for her first picture day!
Nana and AlexisLexi and great grandma Rodgers
The twins and daddy Juan playing with their frog game. I think he enjoyed the game just as much a they did!

After they left, we drove to Utah to visit with some more good friends. Melanie and I have been friends since kindergarten. We felt old, when we were counting how many years that we have known eachother! She is such a wonderful friend, and she has had a rough month! It felt so great to see her with a big smile, and her spirits up. I have always loved spending time with her family. They are all soooo funny! You can't be around them and be in a bad mood, it is just not possible! I love her so much, and really wish we could see eachother more often. It was so fun to watch our kids play together. I bet we never thought that would happen, back in our kindergarten days!he.he. Love you Mel!!!!!!
Kyle's friend Mike was also in town that weekend. He lived in New Mexico, and he and Kyle served their missions together in California. His wife had called us last week and told us that she was having him a surprise party in Utah at Cabella's, and thought she would let us know. She knew we probably wouldn't make it, since we just had a baby. Kyle and I thought it would be great to surprise him at his party. He has been a great friend to Kyle, and has done a lot for him. We thought it would be a great way to show we care. It was a great time, and we even talked Melanie's parents into crashing the party with us! They also knew Mike, while he was on his mission..............I think Roger (her dad) was the ward mission leader.
Carson, Kylie, and Alexis snuggling before bed time.

The kiddo's
Daddy swimming with the twins