Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cherry picking and hoopa looping

We went to the cherry orchard with a couple other families and picked some yummy cherries. They were so pretty, and tasted really good. I just sat back and watched the kids do all the work. Kylie and Carson carried the 7 lbs of cherries, and I carried all 25 and a half pounds of Alexis. he.he Kylie was pretty proud of herself for picking up Libby. The dog was nervous, and couldn't wait to get free!I got together with some friends and made hair bows. Lexi is modeling all of them.We go to the library for story time and craft. The kids made these adorable crabs this week. Of course Carson looks like it is attacking his face........that's my buddy!
It was so hot yesterday, so we went swimming at my parent's house. The kids can't get enough of the water. Swim lessons next week!
Kylie and Lex soaking up the sun! It is a rough life over at their grandparents house. They lounge, while the rest of us serve them. It is pretty cute!

This is a funny video of Carson dancing and Kylie hoopa looping. Kyle made it extra entertaining by waving his hand in my video! I am really impressed by Kylie's hula hooping skills. She learned right after she got the hula hoop for her birthday last month.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day weekend

Happy Father's Day to Kyle, and to all of the wonderful Father's who have blessed our lives.....including my dad! Kyle is an awesome dad. I am so grateful to him for the good job that he does. Our kids are super lucky. He always wants to do fun things with them. We wanted to get him something special to show him how much we appreciate him..........so we got him this pretty barbecue grill! Of course, I had to get him a pretty red one, so we ended up having to drive all over the place to find one in stock. He loved it. Our old one got destroyed in a bad wind storm last year! We went to the Cherry Festival on Saturday and had the best time!
I found this awesome BSU hat, and I HAD to buy it!! It was really hot last weekend, so I only got to wear it for a few minutes.........dang it!
Me and Lex had fun watching Carson and Kylie go on all the rides
This is the first year that Kylie and Carson were tall enough to ride anything at all at the carnival. They absolutely loved it!
Kylie even rode a little roller coaster. Carson was a little intimidated by it, so we just watched her.
And Kylie was a little frightened by the super huge slide, so I ended up getting a free ride down it with her=) Carson did it all by him self!
We had some yummy treats!
Poor Lexi was so hot! I let her have her own soda. She enjoyed every minute of it=0) And of course, she wore a cherry outfit! They picked out some cool toys that light up. You can tell by the picture that they were mesmerized by them! he.he
The petting zoo was my favorite attraction there. The animals were so cute. I really wanted to keep one of the baby cows. Kylie and Carson loved the rabbits.
They were a lot braver than me, when it came to the ducks. I don't trust them, but they were petting them, and chasing them. It was funny to watch!
We converted our double stroller into a triple, to save our arms and the kids tired feet on the way to the parade =) My dad bought this cute umbrella to give them a little shade on the hot day
Lex took a little nap, and woke up just in time for the parade
We had a B.B.Q. at my parents on Father's day. We really wanted to use our new grill, but it was raining, and they have a nice covered patio. Kylie and Carson set up a cute little table for themselves! It was a really fun weekend, and a great way to celebrate the holiday!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

summer kick off!

The Fall is my favorite season, but I love all of the fun things there are to do in the summer ( parades, festivals, farmers markets) We went to a really fun airshow a couple of weeks ago. It was a lot of fun, and the weather was perfect. I guess it was a little too perfect, because we all got sun burned.......even with sun block. It was so busy, that we had to park, and then get bussed in!
It was awesome watching the skydiver jump out with the flag
Lex took a little nap right when we got there.
Kylie got a hold of my camera, and this is one of the funny pictures she took. She cracks me up!
The kids had fun playing in the dirt in between watching airplanesThey look like little ants in front of this beast

Here is Carson getting off the school bus. His first ride ever on one!

Here is my mini daycare playing with bubbles on a rainy day. Lexi loved it when they came her way. I am watching a little boy for just a couple of weeks, and then we have Ellie who comes to play each day.
My parents gave Kylie and Carson a sandbox and a swimming pool for their birthday. They like to play with it, even when there is no water in it.............
they also love to play in it with water of course=) Lexi climbed right in with her clothes on And then I just stripped her down to her diaper. I think it's funny that Carson is heading up the slide in both pictures.......especially since we asked him not to (it is an old slide after all, I don't know how many more years it has left in it) ;)
My daycare crew playing on the computer and getting educated........I should charge double for that! =0)
Kyle and I got to go on a much needed night out....thanks to my mama! I get worn out watching my own kids each day, add a couple more, and I was wiped out=0)Kyle has also been super busy at work, so it was a great break.
My mom did a great job, because this is what the girls' looked like when we got home. Carson was still wide awake, and he couldn't wait for us to get home for some big hugs. I was glad he stayed up for me!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday!!!!

Kylie and Carson started their birthday festivities very early yesterday morning. Carson was so excited. Neither of them slept very good, and he was up and ready to rock n roll at 6:30. They helped me decorate a little for their party, which was really fun. We picked up Kyle from work, got some lunch and took it to the park. They requested kids meals.
Lexi practiced her walking skills with her daddy,and her sliding skills with me
Kyle had to go back to work. The kids and I went to the dollar store, and they each picked out a balloon. Kylie picked a princess one, and Carson picked a Mickey Mouse one. His didn't even make it to the car. He likes to watch them fly. I did inform him ahead of time, that I would not replace his balloon if he let it go.
We then went to pick up their birthday cakes. I had ordered them over a month ago. Kylie wanted a "Snow and White cake" (I think it is so cute that she says it like that......too cute to correct). Carson asked for a train cake. I tried finding ideas on how to make them myself, but for the sake of time, and my lack of cake skills, I decided to order them=)
The weather was pretty warm yesterday, and when I got home.....Kylie's cake looked like this..... Oh, man. I was a little bummed, because I paid pretty good money for these cakes, and I didn't want Kylie to get upset about it. I pulled out some skewers, and started going to town sticking parts back on. It was kind of funny, yet stressful all at the same time. The middle peak was starting to lean, so it got skewered also. ha.ha.
I think over all, I did a pretty good patch job!
Carson's cake turned out really cute, it handled the car ride and the heat perfectly. He was very happy and excited about it.
Party time! We had a super fun birthday party. We had a great turn out. I am so thankful to everyone who came to celebrate this special day with us, especially since we don't have a lot of family close by. I am also thankful for all the cards, and phone calls. It made their day extra special. The kids loved playing with their friends and on the new swing set, even Lexi likes to climb up the slide. Here is grammy loving on my birthday boy!
And finally, the time came for presents. Carson had been waiting all day long for this moment. I told him he had to wait for his friends to get there, before he could open them. As soon as the first guest arrived, he ran over and ripped open a present. I guess I needed to be a little more specific about when he could open them. So he then had to wait until after we all ate our pizza and salad! Kylie was very patient. She even took the time to fold her clothes after she opened them, and put them back in the bag nicely.
One little kid got a present that was for both of them. It was wrapped in half girly paper, and half boy wrapping paper. Smart little girl!
Everyone thought Kyle was crazy for holding the pinata (in fear that he would get whacked with the bat), but I was one step ahead, and got the pull string kind.........no bat necessary=) These kids were like vultures when the candy started dropping. It was pretty funny, they had no mercy for one another.
Carson first blew out his candles before we sang, so he got to do it twice.
And here is my princess blowing out her burning castle! She had some help from her little friends. We were worried that she would blow over the tower too, since the cake had seen better days.ha.ha
Carson was thrilled to have an operating train again. His old one has been broken for a while, so he would just move them along the track with his hands. Kylie loved getting her Snow and White doll set. She can change her into different pretty dresses. The clothes are rubbery........kind of cool.
And here I am with my birthday twins. I had to change out of my party clothes, because Lexi had a sugar overload and threw up all over me=0) She is kind of like a little vacuum, and sweeps all the candy off floor, and eats it. ha.ha.
And my little buddy crashed hard, when we put him in his bed. He didn't let go of his new toy though=0)
Kylie was still awake when I checked on her. She had her purse full of treats and her new lip gloss. When I peeked in on her, she was eating some sweethearts. Since it was her birthday, I didn't make her brush her teeth again. There are definitely some advantages to being the birthday girl!
I must admit....Kyle and I were exhausted at the end of the day too. It is a lot of work throwing a fun birthday party. Knowing that the twins had a wonderful day, made it all worth it though. Some great and funny things they learned/did at age 3.................They both know how to spell their name. Not write it, but spell it. A few months ago I asked Kylie to spell her name while she was busy playing. She said K-Y-L-MNOP. It was very funny! Carson had just learned to dress himself, he occasionally needs assistance. I still pick out the clothes, because I do like them to match. He was putting on his new birthday shirt and the top button was not undone. He said " ahh, it's dark in here" ha.ha.ha. Kylie has mastered getting herself dressed. Carson was sick last month and he told me that he had a "lightning storm" in his tummy. He calls an elevator and "alligator" and it is just one of those things that is too cute to correct. I find myself calling it an alligator too, and I also call Snow White....Snow and White. Kylie is really good with her computer. She is amazing at the letter search. I am so proud of her. Carson can make the coolest train out of his building blocks. He did this all by himself, and I was more than impressed. I will post a picture of it soon. These are just a few of the awesome things that they do each day. They are so close to each other, which makes us happy......I hope they remain that way forever. They make me laugh every day which I am so thankful for ! They are my little side kicks. Even though it is sad to see them grow so fast, it is so exciting at the same time. They LOVE to see and learn new things, so the excited feeling I have rise above the sadness of them growing so fast. Kylie told me a few months ago, that as soon as she turned four, she would be able to drive. Thankfully that is not the case......I am definitely not ready for that yet! ha.ha.
The kids also received hula hoops for their birthday.....they call them "hoopa loops" That is way cooler then the traditional name.