Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas (lots of pictures)

these pictures are little out of order, because my camera died on Christmas day. Something must have happened to it in the car. I only got one picture of Kylie with her grandpa. I didn't get a new camera until the next day. We did have a nice time at Kyle's parents house. We opened gifts, and spent time with the family.
The next morning we were going to Utah to see the lights at the Salt Lake temple with Kyle's brother and his family. We stopped by Kyle's grandparents house for breakfast on our way out. It was awesome to get a picture of them with all the grand kids! I just loved the funny face that Maryann was making in this one (the little girl in the middle)
Here is Grant, Kyle, and the kids
Then we went to the airplane museum when we got into Utah. Lexi was sitting watching an airplane video in such a lady like fashion! ha.ha
This one was giant. Wow! The airplanes are amazing, and there is so much history to learn about at the museum. We had a great time.
Then we went out to eat at a really cool place, where people dive off a cliff into a swimming pool. All the kids LOVED it! This is Kyle's brothers family.
And this is me and my Carson!
Here is Kylie in the tabernacle. It is such a neat building. While it was being built, the people were inspired to put a bunch of holes on the ceiling, and didn't know why. We now know that it was for lighting and sound purposes. Pretty amazing!
He we are in front of the amazing all the detail that went into it.
just gorgeous......especially with all the Christmas lights around it.
We were all exhausted at the end of the day. We were glad to get to the hotel and swim, and relax. The water was so warm too. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful day.
Kylie and Carson especially loved the hot tub

Since we spent Christmas day with Kyle's family, we spent Christmas Eve with my parents at their house. My mom sets the table so pretty every time.And her house looks like the north pole. The other side of the tree looked just like this side=0)
The kids all got new bikes as their main gifts..........pretty cool!
Lex now has her very own lap top
Carson checking out his daddy's present
I got these awesome gloves. Can't wait until next year, so that I can put them to good use!And the grand finale..............................a Wii.................................yay. Man they really spoiled us. I was super excited for this one. I had no idea they were getting that for us!
Here they are in their new jammies, all ready to go home and wait for Santa to come!
When they woke up, they found Santa was pretty good to them. Carson got a train table, Kylie- a princess tent and dress up clothes, Lexi- a cool weebles tree house.
Kyle got a remote control helicopter, some clothes, a new razor, and some other great gifts. Kyle got me a vex con shirt! I love it. I love watching Billy the exterminator, and that is where he ordered my shirt from. They also got me some twilight perfume, Boise state gear, and a beautiful purse. Great work!! I love it all.
Here is Kylie with her twin dogs that she wanted so badly. These were from Nana.
Lexi really liked her new cabbage patch baby. She snuggled on her while she was still in the package.
We had a wonderful Christmas. We always remember the true meaning of the holiday and love to celebrate together.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Here is a little video of our Christmas morning. I love to see how excited the kids are to see what Santa brought. I still have more to post from The whole Christmas weekend. I just wanted to get the video on here first.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Kyle and I celebrated our ten year anniversary last month. We decided to stay here in Boise for the weekend. My parents watched the kids for us. We started out our weekend with a BSU graduation. We got to watch Kyle's friend, along with some of our favorite BSU players graduate. Then we went to lunch at the cheesecake factory.
He is smiling because he knows what is coming...........
banana cheesecake with hot fudge.........yummy. The food is really good too.
We did a lot of shopping, went to the movies, and to a Hockey game. We had awesome seats, just three rows from the glass. Kyle spotted my favorite BSU player sitting one section over from us, and I was out of my seat and headed over to him right away.ha.ha.
Oh yeah!! That is me and Austin Pettis..............woohoo. I don't think I could possibly have smiled any bigger. ha.ha. He has been my favorite player this year, because of this cool flip that he did during one of the first games of the season. He was going in for a touchdown, and flipped into the end zone. It was awesome. He got a celebration penalty for it, but it was worth it. Great move. I liked his attitude!! I am pretty sure he will go to the NFL this year, so I will have to cherish this picture!!
Kyle and I had a wonderful weekend together. Funny how I didn't even get a picture with him. That's o.k. He knows I love him and think he is wonderful! It was so nice to just hang out together and have fun. We missed our kids badly though, that is one of the reasons we didn't go too far! This was Lexi's first time overnight without us. Happy ten years to us......and here's to many, many more!!