Sunday, September 19, 2010

Life is Sweet at 30!

The big 3-0! Wow! My day started off a little crazy. It did get better though. We went out to lunch with my mom.......Kylie and our lunch! I think it was the same size as her. ha.
Presents! My mom gave me some beautiful clothes and some MAC! She scored big with me. She has great taste too. Thank you rock!!
Kyle and the kids made me a cute chocolate cake. They were big helpers....especially when it came to sampling.he.he What to wish for????
Then over the weekend, I had a huge surprise...........kind of a surprise. Kyle gave me a little clue accidentally as to what was going on, and I am very my detective skills came out in full force. Dang it! But I was very surprised at how many people were there. I was very touched!
A few of my SUPER awesome and sweet friends from church threw this wonderful party for me. Melissa had downlowded some pictures from my blog and they were playing on her T.V. The theme was "Life is sweet at 30". What a perfect way to celebrate. They did make my life extra sweet! They had my favorite color everywhere. I was in heaven! Pink plates, napkins, and a beautiful cake that her mom made for me. It was incredibly yummy too!
We played some really fun games, and opened some awesome presents
This gift fit the theme so perfectly. The bows were hair bows too, so Kylie got to wear them to church! Here are some of the ladies from the party. Our husbands were there too=) What a perfect way to celebrate such a big birthday. I felt overwhelmed by the generosity, and love that was put into this. It was just the BEST!!! Thank you so much to Melissa, her mom, and Jana for making my birthday so perfect! I couldn't be more grateful=)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

final days of summer........picture's galore

I am behind on posting pictures of Kylie and Carson's swim we'll start with them! They had a busy summer with swim lessons. They had two rounds of them. This was their first session. They loved their instructors, and had a really good time.After their lessons, we went to the park to have free lunch. It was wonderful. I had to sneak this picture in of my dad and Kylie. He doesn't like his picture taken, so I had to get it while he wasn't looking. ha.ha. Kylie was normally holding his hand as we walked through the park. enjoying their free lunch!
This was their second round of lessons. They were the only two in the class, so they had a lot of time to work on their skills. They learned a lot. Their certificates. Sometimes after lessons, we would go swimming some more at my parents house. Kyle is practicing floating on her back. Carson became really good at holding his breath under water and swimming along the steps.
We also went on a tour at our local fire station. It was really fun, but the kids were so bashful. We'll have to try that again=)
Carson did tell me a few weeks ago that he wants to drive sparky (that is what he calls the firetruck) when he grows up. I would be very proud of him, if he chooses to do that.
Labor day............we started our weekend off by attending a workshop at home depot. The kids needed an apron for pre-school, and this was the perfect place to get one. Here is Kylie building a football holder with her daddy.
And here is Carson doing the same. He enjoyed using the hammer. The finished product! It was so fun, and they looked so cute building these cute projects.
We then were so excited to have a visit from their cousin Aiden and his parents! They spent the rest of the weekend with us, and as always we had a great time.
The cousins did everything together....including taking a bath! They were so cute.
Here they are watching a movie before bed. We tried letting them sleep together, but they like each other too much to sleep. They ended up talking instead, so we had to separate them=)
And uncle David loves to go to get ice cream when he is here. I can't say that we mind it too much either. It is our tradition.
And then it was time for the BIG game! My sis-in-law Melissa gave me a shirt (it matched hers) and some blue and orange hair pieces as an early birthday present. I couldn't wait to get my gear on. I love the colors.

We had a pretty big party for the game at our house. Kyle had to get these cool flags to go on our house.
Carson and Alexis with their cousin Abi........she had her gear on too=)
Some of our fellow bronco friends. It was a super exciting game. BSU pulled it off, and we got a big W!! Everyone jumped up for joy when they made that last TD.
And then it was Kylie and Carson's first day of pre-school. They looked so grown up with their backpacks on.
They are doing a co-op preschool, so it is pretty low key, and I wasn't worried at all about dropping them off. But as soon as I got to my car......the tears came. What a dork!
We had such a fun summer, and we are so excited for favorite time of year! We are also very excited for football season, and learning lots of new things at pre-school. I am so proud of my little munchkins!
Poor Lex got a big fat lip when we went out to lunch. She fell and her tooth went into her lip. She looks like Angelina Jolie's daughter at the moment. ha.ha. Poor girl.