Monday, November 14, 2011

Kindergarten and Labor day

Kindergarten!!!! I can't even believe it is that time already. My little babies are off to school. Here is my handsome little man all ready for his big first day!and my beautiful princess all dressed in purple.........of course!
Carson let Lexi borrow his backpack, so that she could be a big girl too. Kyle took the morning off so that he could be there for their big day. I was sooo grateful for that!!
We were all off to a great start, but I felt a lump in my throat as soon as we got to the classroom. Kylie did too, because as soon as the teacher told the kids to say goodbye to their parents, she became very upset. I held it all in until I got around the corner in the hall, and then I lost it too. I felt so bad having to leave her when she was scared like that. Not to mention I just felt so sad that my little side kicks are now in school. I was also so excited for them. It was just a mixture of emotions. So again, thank goodness Kyle and Lexi were there to help me out! Kylie actually cried everyday of that first week. I got teary eyed the second day too, but I was good after that. She did fine from the second week on. I CAN'T believe how much they are learning and how smart they are!!!
I couldn't be more proud of these little cuties!

Kyle was feeling pretty bad about the traumatic morning too, so he asked us to meet him for lunch after I picked the kids up from school. That made things much better!
We went to Eastern Idaho the following weekend to visit Kyle's family and watch the BSU game. I got to go out with my BBH (Melissa) the night before we left. It was a much needed night out, we got our nails done and laughed (uncontrollably) like always!! The next morning we took off early so that we could see the hot air balloons on our way out. They were amazing. They have so many different shapes and colors. Really beautiful. The rocket ship was one of our favorites.

It is always fun to see and ride the horse's in Kyle's parent's backyard
and go for a spin on the four wheeler too
and play with cousins of course!

Friday, November 11, 2011

We had a rough couple of weeks after that last camping trip, but it seemed like we would at least have one or two days off in between the next person getting sick. One of those days off, we went to a Hawks game. Kyle got the tickets from work. They get season tickets each year, and share them. We had the BEST seats. This was our view, we were right above the dug out.

The mascot and my cuties. They loved watching for him walking around the stadium. Also this is the spot they did some of the fun contests in between innings. My kids got to do a macarena dance right here. It was so cute!
I made my mom some pretty cupcakes for her birthday. We went to dinner and had a great night.
Lexi and Carson snuggling......this is while she was still not feeling too good.
We got a visit from nonna and pop-pop (my birth parents) in August. It is always like getting a vacation ourselves when they come, because we do so many fun things.......and they always bring presents! They brought all the kids new backpacks filled with goodies.
We had a movie night in our backyard that night
and the kids got to go swimming at the park where they stay with their trailer
We went to Chuck E. Cheese one day.....
and then to a 3D movie. Lexi was pop-pop's side kick the entire time. Carson was funny to watch because he had that huge popcorn bucket between his legs and ate it the whole time.
We were so glad to be rid of that horrible flu bug!! I think we had it for a total of 2 1/2 weeks, between all of us.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hot springs and Canning

Kyle is the canner of the house. He is really good about doing it, and he also enjoys he.I don't mind it, I just feel like it takes up a lot of time that I don't always have. He makes great pickles and beans. He also does lots of fruit. He has a great system down. He also found that having the kids help makes it go a lot faster. Kylie seems to have the most patience for it. Her hand fits perfectly in the jar and she gets everything packed in there really good. It is cute to watch.
In between canning and all of the other fun summer activities, we got in another camping trip to some hot springs.

Carson found this great rock, that we later used as our table. This was our first time camping at a place other than a campground.
The pool was so warm and relaxing, we all had such a good time
in between swimming, we did some exploring
and ate lots of yummy food at our rock table
We had so much fun, up until our last night. Right as we were getting ready for bed......Lexi started throwing up! The flu and camping are not a good combination! As we were swimming, I was getting a little creeped out about germs......and sure enough I was right! I am pretty sure she caught something in that water. It lasted for several days too......just as she was getting over it, Carson got it, then Kylie, then me. It felt like we were sick forever.
As we were leaving we spotted two deer by the road. Pretty cool! Glad we ended on a good note.