Thursday, April 30, 2009

Park & Play

Last weekend we spent each day playing at a park. We took the kids to the wings center, which has a huge room filled with play equipment and a giant ball pit. These places creep me out, because they are just a big germ fest, but Carson and Kylie had sooo much fun.I just try to not think about it, and wash their hands with wet ones before we leave. Kyle, Lexi and I had just as much fun watching them. Kyle joined in and climbed on some of the equipment too, it was pretty funny to watch! We decided that we would like to take them there more often, because they wore out so much energy and slept great that night. It was nice to let them just go crazy and bounce off the walls, in a place other than our house =0). We also went to a couple of outdoor parks, and to the MK nature walk.
They were a little afraid at first to climb on things
as soon as Kyle joined them, they had no more fears. This little girl in the picture was dressed in the same colors as Kylie, and her dad was getting really confused. It was funny.

my little monkeys in their cage
Lexi and I can't wait to join them in a couple years here is Kylie riding on her reptile They LOVED the swings, and wanted Kyle to push them "super fast"

The nature walk......Kylie kissed the fish through the glass. It was so cute!t

Friday, April 24, 2009

pop pop and airplanes

My birth father came for a short visit last week. I told the kids that he was bringing presents for them, so as soon as we opened the door, they started asking for their presents. They were happy to see him. My birth mother was not able to come, so we did miss her. Kylie played barbies with him, it was pretty funny! The kids do not see their nonna and pop pop very often, but it is so neat how they are old enough to really remember them, and know exactly who they are. I am sure that makes nonna and pop pop feel very special too! They called them and thanked them for their cute outfits, toys, and candy.
They acted like Santa Clause had arrived!

This little rabbit that Kylie has walks around, and poops out jelly beans! ha.
Meeting grandkid #5
Those presents were exhausting. He is welcome to come for a visit anytime =0)
Lexi and her new pink bunny rabbit
We also went to the little Emmett airshow last weekend. The kids love airplanes.......especially Carson. He was so excited to see them all.

Here is Carson with a real life heli-hopter =0)
a little one, just their size

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Festivities

We had a very exciting Easter this year. We decided to bless our little Alexis Brielle over in Idaho Falls on Easter Sunday. It was nice to have all of Kyle's family with us for it, and my parents even traveled over there to be there too! She looked beautiful on her special day, and she was able to meet some of her aunts, uncles, cousins, and great grandparents for the first time. Kyle gave her a beautiful blessing, and we had some yummy food after to celebrate. It was the cutest thing ever, to see the kids play and hunt eggs with their cousins. At one point Kylie and her cousin Hailey (who is a few years older) were sitting at the table looking at all of their treasures from the hunt, and Hailey said to Kylie....."isn't this just the best day". We all smiled at how sweet it was! It really was a great day, and the weather was nice too. Here are some pictures of our festivities.....

This was my dress as a baby, Kylie was blessed in it, and now Alexis has been blessed in it
proud parents, and proud brother and sister
looking handsome and beautiful in their easter outfits
snuggling with aunt Melissa
Grammy and Lexi I ordered this cake for Alexis' big day
The ladies......what a good looking group!
The gentlemen.......not too bad either =0)

getting ready for the big hunt
Sharing their treasures
The sidewalk chalk in Carson and Kylie's baskets was a big hit

Taking a spin on grandpa's four wheeler......too cute!

We had so much fun! It was wonderful to spend Easter with the family.Thanks again to Ty and Sandra for letting us celebrate at their house, and for all the delicious food! We are so grateful to have Lexi in our lives, and we will always remember this day. She is such a sweetheart, and we love her to pieces!

The Easter Train!!!

Grammy and grandpa treated us all to a ride on the easter train, the day before we headed over to Idaho Falls. It was soo much fun. We are already looking forward to the pumpkin, and Christmas rides. We started in Horseshoe bend, and went up to banks for an egg hunt. It was really pretty up there. Kylie and Carson had the best time. Carson was yelling with excitement when the train started. The easter bunny was even there. She walked up and down the cars and handed out treats to all the kids. Kylie and Carson really warmed up to her by the end of the ride.

The trainThe passengers
The Easter bunny my snuggle bunnymr. and mrs. Rabbitt

Our bunny babiesThere was an open car on the train. We all loved sitting out there and looking at the pretty scenery

Kylie enjoying her candy

We were surprised to see the kids give the easter bunny a hug on our way out.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Beanie baby

Our little Alexis had her two month check up today. She is a very healthy baby! She weighed in at 12lbs. 13oz, and 24 inches long. It is so funny to us, because she is completely opposite of the twins. They were super tiny, and she is pretty big. They were normally in the fifth percentile, and she is in the ninetieth! She is such a sweet baby, and has been smiling for the last 5 weeks. She had three shots today. I use to watch people get shots everyday, when I worked as a dental assistant, but when it comes to my kids...I have to close my eyes. After her appt. we went to Walmart to get some diapers, and I found her this cute little hat. She truely is a little treasure! I was a little nervous to take all three kids to the appointment alone, but Carson and Kylie were so well behaved! I took them to McDonalds to play at the "park"(that is what they call it) to show them my appreciation!
She even has some cute characters to watch over her owie's=0)

I am glad to see that she is not mad at me!