Friday, March 18, 2011

party time!

First are a couple of pictures of the kids after church in their cute outfits.Kylie went with Kyle one Sunday by herself, because Carson was sick. Here she is looking so stylish!
A friend of mine had a birthday last week, and her husband asked us girls to plan a night out for her. We had so much fun taking her to dinner and to a movie. There were about 17 of us all together.
Kylie also got invited to a birthday party for a friend of hers. It was a princess party and the girls were asked to wear their favorite princess dress. Of course Kylie picked Snow and White. Kylie also let Jana (the birthday girl in the picture above) borrow her princess sash and tiara that she got at her party. What a nice girl!
It is always fun to celebrate happy occasions with friends. We are off to another birthday party tomorrow!

Friday, March 4, 2011


Lexi ended the month with a black eye, and chipped front tooth. Both happened within a day of each other. Not at the same time. I documented how this happened in the next picture............
If you look carefully you will see my little Lexi's legs hiding under the clothes. This is what she likes to do when we go shopping, as well as run from me. So I had to pick up a few things at the store and Lex took off running. As I chase her, she runs even faster. She then fell, and her lip started bleeding quite a bit. I used her shirt to cover the blood while we made our way to the bathroom. I was just trying to not cause a big scene. When we got home. Kyle noticed that her tooth had a large chip in it! Then the next day, she fell off the bed and hit the rocking chair, which resulted in a black eye! What in the world!?!?! Poor baby!

Here is my handsome Carson after church one Sunday.
Kyle's parents came over one weekend, and his dad had just we got him this pretty cake to celebrate his huge accomplishment.
My turn to teach pre-school. Our theme was rainbows and the letter R. We made these rainbows out of cereal and had a yummy snack at the same time. The kids were pretty happy to be able to eat as they worked.
Here is our preschool group. Pretty cute kids! Valentine's Day........... Pillow pets all around! They love these things.We celebrated with a toast!

and a heart shaped pizza for dinner.........yum!

Kyle and I went out on a date the weekend before. We had a great night out. It is always a little hard to get out of the house though....especially when the kids are hanging on us=0) At least that means they like us a little bit. ha.ha
Carson and Kylie made these cute treat holders at preschool, and they got to pass out valentines.We had a few play dates. This place is fun and cute. Carson and Lexi are grilling up some food.
Kylie and Nick on the play structure