Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Sweet night

We had some friends over for dinner a couple of weeks ago. They just moved back to this area after living in Eastern Idaho for a year. We are so glad to have them back over here. It was great to catch up with them.We decorated cupcakes for dessert, which was really fun. Snow and White and her princess friends had a blast!Carson is expecially glad to have our friends here, because he has no little boys to play with. Everyone that lives near us are girls. I feel bad for him at times! Kyle sometimes has to take him out for some guy time.
My friend got some really cute shots with my camera. I love this one of their cute little toes.
I got one of her and her kids as well. Her and I were talking how we are never in any pictures, because we are always the one's behind the camera.

She also took this neat picture of the beautiful, colorful mess!And finally, she caught the maker of the beautiful mess. The clean up was a lot of work, but it was worth it. The kids had a blast!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last Week we celebrated my mom's birthday. We went to dinner at a yummy restaurant. It has been featured on diners, drive-in's and dive's. It was very good! Here is the birthday girl with my Kylie. Our waitress gave the kids these hats to wear, that she made out of newspaper. They could decorate them, and then wear them. Cute! Here is Alexis modeling hers
Just outside the restaurant was this cool water area. The kids all were soaking wet and I am sure it felt great! After we went to our house to celebrate with some yummy homemade cheesecake that I made her, and a funny movie. Happy Birthday mom. You are the best!! That weekend we were excited to spend a day with Kyle's parents. Here is Carson and Lexi as we were on our way to the zoo.
Kylie was so excited to ride in their car
We went out to lunch...........here is Lexi and her cute messy face. She loves to dip her fries in ketchup. I think she eats more ketchup then she does fries. It cracks me up how much she looks like her daddy.............are any of my genes in this girl? We do think her hair color comes from my side. Well at least that's something.Kylie and Carson took a boat ride with grandma and grandpa. Kyle, Lex and I walked around a to meet them.
Here is a group picture taken by Kyle's cousin=0)
The sloth bear was up walking around. He is pretty cute. Most of the animals are pretty cute, you just want to go in and snuggle with them...............maybe not. ha.ha. I did think about it though with an exception to the tigers, lions, reptiles and hyena's. The rest look cuddly.=)
Especially this little guy, he was wanting some attention! What a cutie!

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Great Outdoors

We decided to go on a camping trip, since we hadn't been since last summer. My parents, and Kyle's cousin and family came with us. It was a much needed break! There was a creek right next to our campsite, so as soon as we got there the fishing poles came out. You can't go camping without smores!

Me and Lex snuggling next to the fire Alexis also loved snuggling next to Abbey (Kyle's cousin's baby)
Taking a break next to the boat
Here is Kylie reeling in a fish with her daddy, he bought her a little pink fishing pole for the trip. Carson already had two of his own. I just love the look on Carson's face! He is brave.........I guess just a typical boy, he touched the fish, he touched the worms, and he loved it.
Lexi practicing her cast
Carson and Kylie slept in the trailer with grammy and grandpa the first night we were there. They came in our tent for the second night.

Jessica and Abbey. She is such a pretty baby. They moved here a couple of months ago, so that Mike(her husband) could go to school. We talked them into coming with us, they are a lot of fun.
Carson and Kylie loved hanging out with their dad.
Grandpa and Alexis
This was our sleeping quarters........next time we will not go without a blow up mattress!
We went for a ride in my dad's boat right before we packed up to go home. Carson had been fishing in it before, but it was Kylie and Lexi's first time.

We had a great time. It is so fun to be outdoors and to enjoy all the beautiful creations, but it is great to get home and take a shower. I was desperate for soap and warm water! Carson was so sad to leave, he cried for a while when we were packing up. Poor kid! We will have to do it more often.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Movie nights

Kyle and I took the kids to the drive in movies for the first time last weekend. They start late, since they have to wait until it gets dark........which in Idaho is about 9:30 right now. They play a kid movie first, and then more of an adult movie after. It was really fun. We had snacks and snuggled together to watch it. There was a big lightning storm going on, and that made it extra fun. By the time we got home (like at 1:30 in the morning) the kids were asleep.............except Lexi. She took a nap during the second movie. It was a great time. I also got to go to see Eclipse for the second time with a friend from church. It was nice to have some girl time. I think it is necessary every now and then. It was really fun to see it again. My mom still wants to see it too, so there may be a third time in the near future. We may wait until it gets to the dinner theatre.

Monday, August 2, 2010

She's Walking!!!!!!!!!

What an exciting day! I just gave Lexi a bath, because her brother put dirt on her head, and it was everywhere. Kyle came home from work, just as I was getting her dressed, so I stood her up and she was standing by herself for a few seconds. We then tried it again, and she took a step. Then we spread out a little, and she walked to each of us. YAY!! I am so happy and SOOO proud of her. She will be 18 months on Friday, and she just took her first steps today. It is funny how exciting all of the first moments are!!!!! Go Alexis!!!!!

A Happy Week.....

The happiest part of our week was meeting our friends new baby. They had been trying to have a baby for several years with no luck. They decided to try the adoption route without having high hopes of getting a baby quickly. After one year exactly a couple chose them to be the parents of their baby. I couldn't possibly be happier for them. It is just so wonderful to see something so great happen to deserving people. They will be the best parents to this lucky little girl. She is just beautiful, and I couldn't stop smiling!!! What a blessing to see all of this work out so perfectly. Kylie and Carson could not stop rubbing her full head of black hair. I couldn't either to be honest. ha.ha Also, two of my uncles and my grandma came up to visit. We were so happy to see them.We all use to be really close when I lived in California, and we got to see each other pretty often. I miss them all, and just love to have the opportunity to see them. Here is Carson and Sierra (my uncle's dog)
Sierra is an old 9dog and I was so glad that he brought her. Carson had a scary experience with a dog a couple of years ago, and has been terrified of large dogs ever since. This sweet dog helped him to overcome his fears. Since she is older, she is so calm and if he wanted to be near her, then he had to go to her. She didn't come to him, which is exactly what he needed.
My grandma brought us all some cute gifts. Carson got these cool shades and hat....
Kylie got some cool shades and some jewelry, they all got coloring books and movies, blankets, clothes. She gave me a beautiful necklace. I love it! Thanks again grandma. She came to church with us and during Sunday school, she had the entire class laughing. It was really funny. As part of the lesson there was a couple who was arguing over a candy bar and the teacher asked how we could solve the problem and my grandma said " well just give it to me" ha.ha. Then after church, she told me that she thought that the couple was being rude during the class. She made me laugh again, because she thought they were serious, and it was all just an act. She is great.
We had a few B.B.Q.'s at my parents house, so that we could visit with everyone. Lexi was spoiled with candy.......she loves suckersThe sisters!
The weather was so nice that day.......not too hot, so we were all happy. I admit, I get a little grouchy when I am hot.he.he
And here is Carson with my uncle Dave working on his letters. My uncle Dave is so easy going and patient. Carson actually cried when he had to leave. He is very nice and really easy to talk to. We went to the fair one day.....and it was HOT. The kids loved the corn dogs, and each ate the whole thing....even Lexi . I was too busy drinking ice cold Lemonade and trying not to roast. Our favorite part of the fair was, by far, the animals.
The sheep were really cute and loud=)
Lexi was pretty fascinated by the pigs. They are funny to watch.
And at the end of the week, we had dinner with Kyle's cousin who is new in town, and the kids were pretty tired. Carson even fell asleep in his daddy's arms while watching T.V., which is unusual for him.
Kylie and Carson are back in swim lessons this week for their second round, so they will be sleeping good this week too=)