Thursday, May 28, 2009

Taking the monkeys to the zoo

The kids sometimes like to eat cereal, and watch cartoons in my bed in the mornings. Kylie asked for some cereal, so I gave her some in a little container. Then I did a few more things, and turned around to see her having the breakfast of champions.............................
And the other day I looked at Carson, and found this......................................................................
Kylie's flashlight shoes! I was a little worried.He was proudly wearing them.
So we decided to take our little monkeys to the zoo =0) We had a busy week and thought it would be fun to see the new African adventure addition at the zoo. For being such a good size city, and the capitol of Idaho, our zoo was really lacking some cool animals. It really needed this. The lions were amazing, and we couldn't believe how close we could get to them. I kept thinking what I would do, if that piece of glass was not separating them from my kids! They seemed so calm, and they acted like they enjoyed being so close to all the people.
Alexis had a great first trip to the zoo!
And it was Kyle's turn to take the twins on the merry go round. He is lucky that they slowed it down a little since our last visit!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The best job ever

Happy Mother's Day!! Thank you to Kyle and my little munchkins for making my day so special. I feel so privelaged to be their mom, and there is nothing else I would rather be at this time. It is the greatest experience in the world. I am grateful to all of the wonderful mother's who have influenced mine and Kyle's lives! I hope everyone had a fantastic day!

While the boys are away, the girls go play!

Kyle, Carson and my dad went on a Father and son camp out this weekend. I was so happy for Carson to be able to spend time with the boys. He spends most of his time with me and his two sisters, so it was great for him to go and do some boy stuff. He was really excited to sleep in my dad's new trailor, and do some fishing. Kyle said he is better at scaring the fish off, rather than attracting them. Carson has also been putting his cars in a pile, and pretends to make a fire out of them. I better be sure that all of our firestarters are way out of his reach!
My handsome little manMy mom, Kylie, Alexis and I did some girly stuff while they played in the dirt. My mom spent the night with us, and I took her out to the cutest cafe for lunch as part of her Mother's Day gift. We then got pedicures, and did some shopping. It was such a nice, relaxing day! Kylie wanted her nails done so bad, and when we got to the salon, she chickened out. The man helping us was so nice, and he let my mom paint her nails. She picked out a pretty blue color for her and I to use.