Friday, October 23, 2009

sick of being sick!

So I think we got the nasty pig flu! Yuck! We have been feeling pretty awful this week. Lexi started having symptoms last Friday. Then Saturday night Kylie started feeling warm and looking really tired. Sunday morning Carson and Kylie were really sick. They had high fevers of 104 at some points! Lexi's fever did not last for very long, but she still has a cough. Kyle and I got it on Monday. There is not anything much worse than feeling horrible and trying to take care of kids who also feel horrible! I know my kids are not feeling well, when they are laying down during the day rather than playing.....very unusual behavior! We all now feel like we just have a cold. So I think we are almost over this nasty bug! We are all tired of being stuck in the house and are ready to feel back to normal. To top it all off, even the dog has had issues (she is blind, and has some back problems)! This has been a crazy week, with not much sleep!

Kyle brought home these adorable humidifiers for the kids. That really cheered them up! What a cool daddy, he did such a great job finding these!
They are so cute. Someone was really thinking when they made these things!

Monday, October 19, 2009

NICU Grad party

This was our fourth year attending the NICU party at St. Al's. As always it was SO wonderful to see all of the Dr.'s and nurses who helped our twins out when they had a rough start in life. They mean so much to Kyle and I, and will always have a special place in our hearts. They comforted us during some pretty scary times. It is amazing that they all still remember us too. I am sure they see a ton of people each year. We saw the Dr. and ultrasound tech's who took care of Kylie and Carson while they were in my tummy, she also stopped by to see us in the hospital when we had Lexy. We saw the Dr. who took care of them while they were in the NICU. He was so awesome. He stopped by to see me each day that I was in the hospital waiting for the twins to be delivered. He explained to us every detail of what to expect when they arrived. It was so reassuring to talk with him each day. And this is a picture of Kyle and Carson with nurse Amber. She was our favorite, and we loved when it was her shift. The twins were always dressed in the cutest outfits and their bedding was made up soo perfectly when she was watching over them. She liked to snuggle with them (especially Carson). She rocked them during the night, when I was not able to be there to do it. I will always be grateful to her and the other nurses for the love that they showed to our family. The memories are crystal clear!! Lexi enjoyed hanging out with daddy and watching the kids decorate their cookies
Everything was so sanitary! They had everyone wash their hands, and wear gloves to decorate their cookies.............where are Carson's gloves?
And where are Kylie's? They would not keep them on! We did disinfect the bottles when they finished.
This was their favorite activity of all. They fished for little toys. We all had a great time and it is so fun to get them all dressed up in their costumes each year. I think these people have some of the most rewarding jobs. We look forward to seeing them for many years to come =0)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

special delivery & Chucka Cheese

Last week my nana sent the kids a package in the mail, and of course it made their day! Here they are with their gifts....................
Lexi got an adorable outfit, halloween bib, and some shoes and jeans from Julie
Here is Carson with his toy story bag and you can see, he was pretty proud of his presentAnd Kylie with her princess bag, and several disney princesses.......she now knows them all by name!
Thanks again to Nana and Julie for thinking of us, and making our day extra exciting! We love you so much.
That evening we promised to take Kylie and Carson to Chucka cheese (that is what they call it =0) ). This is where we go to celebrate potty training. My parents took them once when Kylie was completely trained. Now it was Carson's turn. He has been potty trained for a while now (except for night time), but he has been going all night for several weeks now, with no accidents. It was definitely time to celebrate and reward them for their awesome accomplishments!!! We are so proud of them, and so relieved to be done with diapers........with the exception of little Lexi of course!
The big cheese himself even came out to say hello, and Carson ended up under the table. It was pretty funny!
Here he is on the rocket ship.And Kylie loved riding in the horse race. And Lexi enjoyed herself too. Her and my dad hung out together and watched the scary creatures while we went over to play with Carson and Kylie. I still can't understand why they make those things look so scary! I can barely stand to look at them. I don't blame Carson one bit for going under the table, I kind of wanted to join him!! ha.ha

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Alexis Brielle at eight months!

I guess the saying is true......."time flies when you are having fun". We have loved every second of Lexi's time here with us so far! She continues to be a really sweet baby. She is just a happy spirited little princess. She loves to smile. She awakes from her naps and instantly has a big smile on her face. I don't think babies come much easier than her. She does get a little grumpy when she is sleepy, and does not want to go to sleep.
I went to help my dad with a few things today and decided to have a little photo shoot at his house. He helped with the props ( he tried to put a green skeleton into the picture) I took the picture, then politely removed the skeleton! ha. We had fun, she cooperated and of course smiled for every picture.
this one was my dad's put the wreath around her. It looked really cute, but she started eating our prop! She has some leaf in her mouth in this one. Alexis loves to play peek-a-boo, weighs over twenty pounds (some twelve month clothes are snug on her), has slept through the night for the past two weeks, she loves to smile and laugh, looks beautiful in purple, sits up really well on her own (she has for over a month now), likes to hold toys in her hands and roll her wrists is really cute, loves to snuggle ( and so do we), likes to eat =0), likes to play with her siblings and gets lots of kisses from them while she sleeps, she likes music and kicks her legs around when she hears it, she is just wonderful and we are in love with her!
It is so exciting to watch her grow, and learn new things each day! We are so proud of her accomplishments.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

You know you are crazy when.............

It is raining, and freezing cold, and you are sitting outside with some plastic over yourself to watch a football game! It is pretty fun to be crazy though............. Especially when you have buddies to be crazy with!!
Here are Melissa and I, before we looked like wet dogs(at least we didn't smell like them)!! It would have been worth the frozen fingers and toes, if our boys played a good game. They still won, but I think the weather must have gotten to them as well. Even our hot chocolate was cold by the time Kyle and David got it to us.
Earlier in the day, we took the kids to the homecoming parade. It was really fun, and of course the kids loved the candy. Best of all there was no rain on our parade.ha.ha.
Kylie and Carson really liked playing with Aiden. They were super excited for several days before he came over. Good thing he will be back in a few weeks. He is a really sweet little boy.
I love to see my munchkins loving on eachother, instead of fighting over things! I should blow up this picture, and frame it!!
We did have to hide their candy, but we let them have a few pieces each day. Another fun bronco weekend. Thanks again to my dad for babysitting,to Erica for watching Lexi, and to David and Melissa for hanging out with us. You are probably getting tired of us, and regretting purchasing season tickets together! Oh well, too late, you are stuck with us for a couple more months=0)