Friday, July 31, 2009

fireworks, parades, milestones, and more

We have had such a busy month! We have been moving, which meant packing, unpacking, cleaning, and painting two houses! We are still unpacking, and can't wait to get back to normal life. Kyle and I have both had some pretty bad dark circles around our eyes lately!
Carson and Kylie were great help, especially when it came to the demolition part of things!
We managed to have some fun during this crazy month anyways. Here are some pictures of the big events, and a few days that we took off to play......
The fourth of July! We went to a parade, and then to our annual neighborhood party, which was a ton of fun. Some of our neighbors each made a little cart to connect together, and it formed a fun little train for the kids to ride.
Of course, Carson had to try out the Boise State one!
I accidently bought my poor buddy a girl's patriotic shirt, so he looked a little feminine around the neckline! Sorry sweetheart! I will do better next year!Lexi rolled over! I caught it with my camera, she also can hold her bottle pretty well on her own. Kyle turned the big 3-O! The kids all had fun with his presents.We celebrated by taking him out to a nice dinner, he got to dance and play an instrument to his own beat, while they sang to him!Kyle's parents came to town, and helped us with some painting....thank you so much to them! We also went to a horse parade with them, and his sister's family. It was awesome.These dancing horses were my favorite!This is Kyle's dad with Lexi, and Lainah....they are four days apart. Cute!!Nonna and pop pop came for a visit. We took them to the zoo, and they brought the kids some more nice presents. Nonna was able to meet Alexis for the first time. They helped keep the kids happy while I did some packing! Thank you to them as well!Carson and Kylie got to ride in a cool safari wagon, and Carson had to close his eyes when we passed by the big loud bird! he.he.We took a couple breaks by swimming at grammy and grandpa's house...what a relief that was!Lexi also went in the pool for her first time. She loved it. She didn't mind the cool water a bit! Even though it may not look like it in this picture.And finally some bed time stories by daddy in Kylie's new room!

This month has gone by too fast. Hopefully next month we will have more free time! Also last, but not least......KYLIE IS POTTY TRAINED!!! We are so incredibly proud of her!! Carson is not too far behind, but still needs a little practice. YAY for Kylie, and goodbye to expensive diapers X's two!!!!!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Campers =0)

We took a much needed vacation over to Northern Idaho last week.It was a fun week, and it was nice to spend time with my parents, aunt & uncle, and my grandma. It was also nice to not have any distractions, like television, phones, and the computer. Although, I was thrilled to get home to all of my modern day comforts. It really makes you appreciate the little conveniences of life! We spent a lot of time at the campground. There was a playground right next to our campsite, and we also brought Kylie and Carson's new bikes. They enjoyed fishing with the boys, and playing in the dirt. Lexi got a lot of snuggles by everyone, and did great on her first camping trip. This was our first camping trip ever with the kids. We also went to the amusement park over there, which was a ton of fun. There is also a water park attached to it, but the water was way too cold. The first couple of days up there were pretty cold, and then it warmed up. We are planning to go back and visit Northern Idaho again. Next time we want to go to the big indoor water park, we saw it on our way home (great timing!!)
We woke up one morning to find this ginormous goose egg on Carson's head. We thought maybe it was a mosquito bite (maybe by one the size of a bird!) but deep down we figured it was the result from his fall the previous week. Kyle took him in to Urgent care. I fought back my tears until he left. Thankfully, it was o.k. I guess it can take a week before the bump appears. The Dr. said that they aren't too concerned about external bumps. I guess it is good it finally came out! Poor little buddy!!
My Grandma Scott. This was her first time meeting Alexis. The kids had a great time putting together puzzles with her. I am sad that we don't get to see her more often! I was so glad she came!
Our trip to Silverwood
We were so surprised at how brave Carson and Kylie were on the rides. They loved them! We even rode the roller coaster with our hands in the air. They have a lot more courage than I did as a kid. I was a big baby, when it came to the rides!
Lexi enjoyed being outside, and watching all the action at the park.Of course we had to make some s'mores when we got back
Here is Alexis all bundled up for the night
I thought this was so cute! It would have been even cuter, if my dad had a bald head too! he. he
We now make the kids wear helmets from the time they wake up, until the time they go to bed! j/k. I have thought about it though! They had just got done riding their bikes.
Kyle let Carson reel in a fish. It was so funny how excited he got to catch his first fishy! We still owe Kylie a turn.