Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fun at the fair/growing up

Last weekend Kyle had the great idea of going to the Western Idaho state fair. We always have fun there each year. We love to look at all of the animals, and have some funnel cake.......yummy! Carson and Kylie really enjoyed riding the ponies. I know they are going to wish that every merry-go-round could have real ponies on them! Carson was fascinated by the tractors and he was thrilled to get to sit on one. We tried playing the carnival games, but realized we were getting ripped off!

We also did a little swimming over the weekend. I was very amazed and impressed with how well the kids did! They swam all by themselves for the first time with the help of some floaties. We were so proud of them and how brave they were. They even started jumping off the side of the pool! It is really exciting to watch them learn and grow each day. It seems like they are always learning something new and we are grateful to be able to watch every second of it!

Seeing the cows and petting them makes me want to be vegetarian at the time, but it never happens!

Kylie and her pony
Carson and his
It doesn't get better than having a balloon at the fair!
The big blue tractor
Swimming like a pro
What a cutie

Monday, August 11, 2008

Farmer's Market and Sunday Best

We went to the Boise Farmer's market again on Saturday. It is always fun to check out all the cool stuff. Carson and Kylie enjoyed playing in the water fountains.

Grammy and Grandpa

All dressed up in their new sunday clothes

Only a real man can get away with wearing pink, and still make it look good! he,he

Friday, August 1, 2008

Weekend trip to Oregon/ visit with Aunt sherrie

My birth parents were in Oregon last weekend. My dad and birth father go hunting together, and they were getting some things ready at their elk camp. They asked Kyle and I if we would like to meet them over there for the weekend. It was only a 3 hour drive, and we only see them a few times a year, so we thought it was a great idea. They stayed at a hotel that had a big open space behind it. The kids had so much fun playing with toys and collecting rocks out there. We had a nice visit! We stayed at a hotel with a pool, so Carson and Kylie could practice their swimming skills. We came home on Sunday and that night Kyle's sister, her husband and their youngest boy came to stay a few days. They are in dental school in Ohio, and only one year away from graduation. We are trying to persuade them to establish their practice here by us! We would love to have some more family close by. We also had a nice time with them, it was great to see them!

Carson and Nonna

Kylie trying out her life jacket for the first time. The pool had a little waterfall, and she loved that!
The twins keeping their pop pop very busy

daddy and Carson checking out the areaKylie and cousin Matthew shopping at Costco! He is such a good little boy. Kyle and I were hoping he would teach our two a little something! ha.
Aunt Sherrie, taking the kids for a spin on the mower. Our kids could ride on that thing all day long!