Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Carson and Kylie!!!!

Kylie and I on her last night as a 4 year old! =0(
Carson and his last night as a four year old=0(
On their birthday we celebrated at Chuck E. Cheese, and we also had their pictures taken. The amount of food coloring that went in to these cupcakes was ridiculous. I will leave it at that and not go into any gross details!
A new train.......I don't think the day could get any better for him
A fairy barbie

Carson having a friendly competition with his little sister=0)
We had a birthday bash for Carson and Kylie the weekend after their birthday. We went with a circus theme.
My version of a circus tent
Kyle, Lex and I with the big five year olds!

The guests arrive
The big surprise was a real clown at the party. Her name is Bubbles the clown. She brought big balloon rainbows for the birthday kids....
And she was really funny. Kylie found her to be so funny that she had to change her clothes after this part( if you know what I mean). She laughed a little too hard. ha.ha She was saying that the balloons were fighting and she asked for Carson and Kylie's help to keep them from fighting with each other.
She made balloon animals/sculptures for all the kids at the party, and before she left she led the kids to the cake.
Happy birthday to you, you live in a zoo, you look like a monkey.......and you smell like one too!j/k .ha.ha That song does go well with the circus theme though!
It tasted as good as it looked!
The party hop game.......really fun
ready, set..........
Lexi and her cousin Lainah are four days apart. It was so cute to see them together. They both walked in their sacs. Funny!
The pinata
Presents!!! Kyle and I gave them cute new bike helmets.
They got lots of cool stuff........bubbles, basketball hoop, gumball machines, chalk, and much more
Kylie and Carson's friend Laila and her super cool balloon hat!
Happy Birthday to my twins! I can't believe how fast they have grown. I am so proud of them!!
Highlights of Kylie and Carson's last year: They completed preschool and learned to write their names, they learned how to whistle (they are awesome at it too), they love shrimp, they both love to play outside, Kylie can hoopa loop very well, Carson is very detail oriented ( he notices cars that have the same rims as mine, he has a great memory, he can draw pretty neat pictures) Kylie is so girly and loves to pick out her clothes and play dress up, she is also very smart and great at writing her letters and numbers as well as coloring in the lines, Carson is 100% boy- he picks up worms, and loved to catch bugs and put them in jars. They got to go to Disneyland and see the ocean, and they have made a lot of friends this last year! It is awesome to seem them grow and learn so many things. They are just awesome and we couldn't imagine our life without them. I still remember vividly the excitement that Kyle and I felt when we found out we were going to be blessed with twins! Still feel that way about them today. They are amazing=0)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another California adventure

We got in really late, so we went to bed as soon as we got to my Nana's house. The next morning the kids were up and helping daddy Juan pick berries and other fruit in his backyard
First thing's first...........pedicures! Kylie and Lex had their first pedicure.
I am sure the ladies were glad to get us out of the salon, because Kylie, Lex and I all messed up our toes, and had to go back in for a touch up.
After our toes looked pretty, we had a b.b.q. and I was able to meet Andrew's girlfriend. Lexi loved her right away, and spent most of the night by her side.
The next day I met my friend Nicole at the mall for lunch. The kids loved the play area.........

especially Carson, since there was a Thomas ride

We took a day trip one day to see my grandma, uncle, and great uncle
This is my great uncle Clayton. He lives in a home where he can receive some assistance. He was glad to see the kids.
We also saw my dad's mom and had lunch with her. What a busy day. Too many people to see, and never enough time!

My nana read the kid's a bedtime story pretty much every night.

This is a picture of the Oakland area
My friends and I took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese one day. We were there for several hours.
Sandra, Diana and I

After Chuck E. Cheese. ha.ha

My friend Audrey is having a baby next month! One of the reasons for our trip to California was so that I could go to her baby shower.
I think Carson was the only boy in the place.........he doesn't look to sad about it either!

Sandra, Diana and I. Sandra is another reason for my visit. She has been fighting cancer for over a year now, and she is still giving it her all. She has a bone marrow transplant scheduled for next month. I am SOOO proud of her. Words can't even express how proud. She looks beautiful and does her makeup everyday, dresses up everyday, and most importantly she has the best attitude about everything. I know she has her moments of break-downs........but who wouldn't. She is amazing and I really admire her. It sucks not being able to be there for her more right now, but I am so thankful for technology and the opportunity it gives me to talk to her often. We had a wonderful time. We talked and laughed and even forgot about what she is going through for a little bit.......which is priceless!

The shower was beautiful. Definitely fit for a princess. The food was yummy too
My friend Diana made this beautiful decoration for the baby's room. The butterflies are made out of diapers
Kylie was Audrey's assistant. She helped hand her all the presents and she even helped her open a few.
My mom and my Nana kept saying they had a surprise for me. I found my surprise at the baby shower, when Julie (my nana's daughter) and her two girls Emma and Lauren showed up. They live in Southern California. What a perfect surprise.
Later that night Julie, Sandra, our friend Amber and I went out to dinner and to a movie. We had Thai food. It was delicious and the presentation of it was amazing!

Julie and I

On our last day there we went to the Oakland zoo, and my cousin and her kids met us there
These bats were fascinating

Carson was showing me how the bats hang. He is pretty good at it!

My little spiders

The zoo has some rides for the kids, so we did that at the end. It was a great day!
we all went out to dinner after the zoo. Lexi was exhausted and slept on the bench while we ate.
Here is Lexi snuggling with Emma while watching a movie
On our way to the airport the next day, we stopped at one of my favorite hot dog places.
Traveling with three kids on an airplane is challenging. I couldn't of done it without my mom's help. They did pretty good on the plane. It was just getting on that was a pain. On the way there we had a soda spill and leak all down the isle, on the way home I couldn't find my boarding pass ( the kids had a meltdown a few minutes prior to getting's amazing that I was able to remember what my own name was after that! ha.ha. Then we had a couple of gift bags filled with small toys and it ripped when I picked it up, so I transferred it to another bag which also ripped..............really??

finally at our seats

the happy meals were a great idea! Carson set off the metal detector as we were checking in, we had him take off his belt, and then it when off again, we discovered that he had a little car in his pocket. Everyone was laughing. Love him=)
We were all SO happy to see Kyle. That is the longest we had ever been away from him. Kylie was glued to him for a little bit.
I came home to a perfectly clean house, and some beautiful roses on my table from my amazing hubby. Maybe I should go away more often.........