Monday, May 17, 2010

Face Lift

BEFOREAFTERHALLELUJAH!! Our house is no longer the ugly duckling on the stree=0)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Trash or Treasure??

What would you call this lovely pile of wood, and junk? I call it a treasure.he.he.
Since the twins will be having a birthday next month, we decided that a swing set would be a great present. I wanted to get them a nice one, without paying a fortune. I had been searching craigslist for a few days. I called on a few.......but they sell within minutes of being posted. It was like trying to win the lottery. We even had a cute metal one lined up, the guy said he would hold it for us........but he lied.Grrrr. So I finally won the craigslist lottery a couple of days ago. I found an AWESOME deal on a wood one. I loaded the kids up, headed to the location, and I was the first one there to pay him. YAY! But Kyle went later that night to pick it up, and the bolts were snappping, and the wood was cracking while he took it apart. I think he was a little frustrated with me at the time. After getting it home, he figured out ways to fix it up. He is very handy, and really smart........that is why I knew the old parts wouldn't be a problem=0)
He is now excited and we are all working on it this weekend. It is turning out to be a pretty fun project for all of us! See............I knew what I was doing after all! And I saved us from spending a ton on a new one =)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lexi at 15 months

At 15 months, Lexi weighs 25lbs. She is not walking yet, but she is crawling up and down the stairs. She also says quite a few words. (she has a big scratch on her nose in this is actually rug burn....she fell off of the bed.....bad mommy!)
She loves to give big, open mouth kisses........
The words she says are "Hi"-she says that to everyone, especially while we are out shopping. She is so friendly. She likes to hold the phone up to her ear and say "ow" which is her version of hello. She can say Kylie minus the k. She waves a lot, claps,blows kisses. She says "mommy" "dada", "bye, bye", "uh-oh". She is so funny, if she sees something that she wants.....especially food......she says "me, me", it is really cute. If she doesn't want to eat what I am giving her, she shakes her said "uh,uh".
This is such a fun age. She is learning new things really fast. She is still a really, really sweet girl. She loves to do what her big brother and sister do. She watches them, and follows them. We are just so grateful for her, and love her to pieces!!
Kylie and Carson got some shopping carts from my parents. I let them take them to the store with me last week. They had fun helping me do some shopping, it was really cute.