Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This is a video of Kylie's first performance of the night. This one was pretty funny. I love the part where Kylie stops and watches the audience for a minute. Too cute!( she is towards the middle, in between the two taller girls)


We went to my parents house and surprised them with a visit on Christmas eve. The kids were so excited, because my mom let them open a present. They had been waiting so patiently for this moment!
Her tree was so pretty. She decorated it with a candy cane theme, and all of the presents were wrapped in coordinating paper. It was a cute idea.
On Christmas morning the kids came down the stairs to find that Santa had left these for them......................Carson was so cute. He was jumping up and down when he saw his work bench!

This year was extra special, since it was Lexi's first Christmas

After opening all of our presents, the kids took a little nap and woke up to find more presents from my parents. They had a whole car full of presents for us. Even though Kyle was on Santa's naughty list, he still got a few presents =0)Alexis of course, was not too interested or excited about all the cool gifts, but she still had a wonderful day.I broke out my china for the first time ever. It looked pretty for this special occasion! The day after Christmas my mom and I hit up some sales. We got up early, she came and picked me up and had a hot chocolate waiting in her car for me (what an awesome mom). Then we were expecting the stores to be packed, but to our surprise........they were not. We were so happy! I had a few exchanges, and there were no lines. I was able to buy all new decorations for my tree next year. I can't wait to see them.
We hope everyone had a vey merry Christmas! Now on to the New Year!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Here is Kylie's second performance of the night(she is the one furthest to the right). I don't think it can get any cuter than this..........

Our Journey to Bethlehem, and much more.....

Last weekend we had the opportunity to visit a live nativity. It was INCREDIBLE. We loved it. We took a hayride to Bethlehem. When we entered the city we walked to the inn, where they told us there was no room. There were sheep and donkeys around the area.
Then we heard the choir of angels after Gabriel announced the birth of Christ to the shepherds. and then we walked to the stable to see baby Jesus. The kids were able to give him a gift (a donated food item). It was so sweet, and a really neat thing to experience!
Here is Alexis keeping warm in her daddy's arms. I think we will definitely make a tradition of this!We have also been receiving a gift for the last eleven days by some sneaky people. On the first day, they brought a jar of pears to represent the partridge in the tree, and it has been going ever since. It has been so much fun. I really want to thank these kind people, but the notes say if we catch them, then they will take the gifts elsewhere..........and we can't have that! Anyways, I am saving all the papers, so that we can bless someone else next year! It has added extra excitement to this holiday season!
We also took the kids to the botanical garden. They have it decorated with tons of lights, they have hot chocolate and cookies, and the best part of all was that Prancer was even there for the kids to pet. How awesome is that!! And last, but most definitely not least.........Kylie's first dance recital!!!
I have always thought to myself that someday she was going to look beautiful with mascara on those super long eyelashes with her dad's gorgeous eye color. I didn't think I would see it this soon, but man was I right (and jealous too!heehee)
She did amazing! She has only taken about 5 classes, we couldn't have been more proud of her and how well she did. She really likes her teacher and dancing.
Carson was also so excited to see her up on the stage. He liked all of the performances. He clapped so hard for everyone. What a little sweetheart!
Kylie and I got to remove our makeup together that was pretty funny!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Nine years!!/ 10 months!

Wednesday was an exciting day for us. Alexis had her 10 month checkup ( really 9 month, but we are a little behind schedule). She had a rough day! They poked her on the finger as soon as we got there, to test her iron. Then she had her checkup and flu shots. Her iron was low, so I had to take her downstairs to draw blood. Poor thing! It was sad. She does have to take iron for the next several weeks, and then go in for another test..........Kyle gets to take her for that one=0) She is healthy and weighs 22lbs 6 ounces. 90% in weight, 90% in height. She is a big girl. Just more for us to love on!!
She is not crawling yet, but is getting close. The Dr. said that even though she is not crawling yet, she can tell that she is advanced in a lot of ways. ......especially when it came to stranger danger! She did not want anything to do with the Dr. or nurses (probably because they were all jabbing her with sharp objects!he.he.) She is a great little baby, and we love her more than words can say! She really loves her daddy, and likes to watch him get ready for work and talk to him in the mornings. Really sweet! Kyle and I also celebrated our nineth anniversary on Wednesday. I can't believe next year will be the big 10! Man that makes me feel kind of old! We had a great day. We went to dinner at a fondue restaurant in Boise. They sat us in a little tiny room all by ourselves. It used to be the bell tower of the firestation. It was awesome. Kyle and I were saying that it was good we liked eachother, because otherwise it would feel like they shoved us in a little closet out of the way!
We had a great dinner, and as always I did some clumsy things that made us both laugh A LOT! We were both glad to be in that little private room when we were cracking up. I love my hubby, and his ability to make me smile and laugh. As long as he can continue that, then I think we can make it at least another nine years! =0) We even did an apple cider toast........and that was pretty funny too!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Polar Express!

Carson and Kylie's favorite movie (right now) is the Polar express. They watch it over, and over, and over. I think it is a great movie too. We booked a ride on the thunder mountain rail line. Carson was just in heaven from the moment we pulled up. He LOVES trains. Kylie was pretty excited to meet Santa. They did not like him at all last year ( we weren't even able to get a picture). I was looking forward to seeing them and Santa all with smiles on their faces for a change! It was a wonderful day. My parents came with us, and we all enjoyed it. Carson even let my dad wear his little hat for a while. There were Christmas carolers on the train, and elves. The elves were hilarious. They would ask the kids if they were going to see Santa for business or pleasure. One girl told the elf she wanted a baby, and he said " well you are going to have to talk to your parents about that one". It was really cute. Here we are with Santa. Kylie told him she wanted a baby, a rocking chair, and a doll house. Carson told him he wanted a workbench. Lexi is not too picky this year! Thankfully Santa' s helpers are on the right track so far=0) This Santa was awesome.......real hair and all!

When we got to the North Pole there was milk and cookies to eat while we waited to see the big man!
It was the perfect day at the North Pole, with lots 0f snow!
On the way back, Santa surprised the kids on the train. Kylie yelled out "Grandpa...santa is on the train!" and then she giggled really loud. Everyone around us was laughing. It was soo cute.
Santa came by Kyle and said that he had been naughty this year. I wonder if I should be worried. ha.ha.
We loved the Polar Express!!!!
Then last night we had some new friends over to decorate sugar cookies. The kids loved it. They turned out pretty cute.
These are Kylie and Carson's cookies. I think one bite into these would cause a cavity=)
And here are some that were a little more nutritious! The kids love having little friends over to play. Kylie plays so hard, that she forgets to use the bathroom. She went through 3 pairs of jammies last night....that is how much fun she had!
Kyle was doing a great job working as the cleanup crew, while the rest of us made a mess. What a great guy!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Let The Countdown Begin......

We made some countdown chains ( I don't know the official name for these) for family night this week. The kids had so much fun making them. They get so excited to cut one off each day. It is helping them to be more patient with the presents under the tree. Carson asks if we can open them every day. They are so cute, and it is fun to see how magical Christmas is for little kids. As you can see.......I did the cutting really quick, so each one is a completely different size.he.he. They didn't care

Friday, December 4, 2009

Made my Day!

Kyle has been out of town for the last couple of days, so the kids and I have been partying!(j.k) I do not sleep good when he his gone, and we do miss him tons! I am such a big chicken....I even make Kylie and Carson sleep with me while he is away! Well Kylie and I stayed up late together, and so this morning she is sleeping in really late. Carson, Lexi and I got up early, and It is so nice spending time alone with each of them. This morning I was cleaning and mopping (my wood floors are high maintenance). While I was working, Carson was playing with his of his favorite toys. He just randomly said to me "mom, I like my new house". It made me so happy to hear him say this all by his self. 75% 0r more, of the reason we moved was to get the kids into a better school situation. Sometimes you wonder if they even care about the things you do for them. This confirmed to me that they definitely do! Anyways, he made my day, and I love him and his sweet little comments so much =0)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

slippery snakes and Thanksgiving

Carson's first day in gymnastics. His grup is called the slippery snakes, which I think is really cute. He did pretty well. I thought it would be good for him to get some of his energy out. It was a pretty long class for such a little guy, and I could tell that he was tired when it was over. The coach was great with him, and gave him a lot of extra attention on his first day. It was really cute to watch, and I give her a ton of credit for her patience. I am proud of my little buddy!

Here he is on the high balance beam. He got a little nervous at the end when she let go of him, so that he could jump.And here is my little monkey on the bars!
I am also a little late with our Thanksgiving pictures. Here are the kids getting ready to decorate their gingerbread houses. Kyle' parents are amazing, and spend a lot of time making, and cutting the gingerbread. We are so grateful that they do this, because the kids LOVE decorating them. I think most of the candy ended up in their tummies, before it made it to the houses!

My beautiful little Lexi on her first Thanksgiving. She was asleep during our feast, but ate shortly after. She was not too fond of mashed potatoes. But it seems like she doesn't care too much for real food at all. Maybe she is getting teeth in right now, because all she wants is baby food. I am sure that it isn't too fun trying to eat solid food without teeth anyway!

Two of my sister in laws and I also got to go out together that night. We had so much fun, they are wonderful ladies. Thanks again girls! Can't wait to do it again. I stole the picture of your blog Melissa.......hope you don't mind!We went to a Christmas parade when we got home. It was so long, and really fun. We all loved it.We sat on a cement wall, which was freezing cold. The kids all sat on our laps to keep their little bums warm!

It was so long, that Lex couldn't keep her eyes open for the whole thing.

Her and I did a little unintentional ice skating when we got back to our car. Kyle is always reminding me to watch where I am walking. He sometimes calls me Gracie. he.he. Anyway, he was getting ready to tell me to watch out, and there I went right into a pile of ice. I had Lexi, and I put my elbow out as much as I could to break the fall, so she wouldn't get hurt. It worked, I was sore for a few days, but thankfully she didn't get hurt! It is funny now, but a little embarrassing at the moment. I am use to things like that happening, so it doesn't bother me too much. I think Kyle is probably the one who feels the most embarrassed! Oh well, he loves me anyways! hehe. I keep things entertaining, he would be bored without me!!

The parade was a fun way to start celebrating Christmas. We are all excited, and enjoying all the fun things to do this month.