Monday, September 28, 2009

Girls just wanna have fun!

So this is the trip that Kyle and my friends had been planning for me, for over a month before I knew. It was wonderful, and I hope I get the same thing next year. We had so much fun together, and I miss my girlfriends way too much! Here is a picture of Audrey with my little Lexi. Audrey and I met, because I was friends with her little sister (Amy......who is my age). Audrey use to make fun of us and tease us, and it is pretty funny that we became friends. Now, I couldn't imagine my life without her! This is Sandra. Her and I met at our Freshman orientation in High school. Both of our last names started with a G. Thank goodness, because we were pretty much friends from that day on. I really needed her in high school, and still do today! Besides our last names starting with a G......we have a lot in common. We both LOVE makeup, I normally have her do mine when we get together. She could easily work at a MAC store!
Amy and I have been friends since about the third grade. She is a wonderful person. She is one of those people who would do just about anything to help someone out. She is funny, sweet, and very caring. She is pretty inside and out!Amy and Audrey's mom popped in to say hello, and brought me a little birthday gift. She is a very strong lady, and she did a fabulous job raising these two girls. Monique is Amy's daughter. We were all glad she joined us for our girls party! She loved playing with Lexi.
Amy made these beautiful drinks, and a virgin one.......just for me and Monique. Yummy!!
Audrey made us some delicious cheese and chocolate fondue...delicious! Next time Alex, remember to use your fondue fork!! j/k
We were all too full from the fondue to eat this cake that Audrey had bought for Amy and I ( her birthday is exactly one week after mine) so we ate it for breakfast! That is what I call a good start! he.he.
pajama party!!!! Just like the old days, only this time we didn't stay up near as late.
And finally, I was able to meet Sandra's newest little family member Ryland. I love his name, and I love him even more. He is a cutie! I wish I could have snuggled with him a little more.
Thank you to Kyle and my awesome friends for an amazing birthday. This one will be hard to top, but I am sure you can do it! j/k. It is probably good that I don't visit too often, becuse it still feels kind of like home to me over there. Probably because, that is where my some of my girls live. I did have to fight my tears when I left my kids to get on the plane, and then when I had to leave my friends to get on the plane. I guess I just can't win! You guys are the greatest. I love and admire you so much. I am so grateful for your friendship, and I value it sooo much! It is great to meet new friends, but nothing can compare to the old ones!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Airplanes and the Dentist

Wednesday was my birthday, and it was also Kylie's first dentist appt. It worked out great, because Kyle had the day off, so we all went . She did really good. I was nervous that she would be scared. The hygienist asked her if she wanted to have sparkly white princess teeth, and from that point on, Kylie probably would have let her do whatever she wanted in her mouth!he.he. She explained everything perfectly, and the best part was that she has no sugar bugs! Carson is next. He is a little more timid about trying new things (Kylie was for a while, and they have switched now). I don't think the princess talk will work either. She will have to get more creative! We went to dinner at P.F. Chang's, and the kids were able to try out chopsticks for the first time. They actually did really well!
Kyle made me a really cute cake. It was very yummy too!
After dinner we walked across the street, and there was a band, booths, a balloon lady, and some people dancing very funny to the band. It was entertaining to watch them. he.he
My parents gave me some wonderful presents. Oh yeah......... it is a new purse!
These cute plant chairs were my favorite from them. I had my eye on them at a store by their house for a while now!
Then Kyle gave me some big surprises........this magazine was from Kylie, some candy from Carson, and they all went with this ......................
I thought "what in the world am I going to do with this toy", then I saw a roll of cash inside of it, and a piece of paper. The paper was a southwest airplane ticket to California for today! He arranged with my friends for us to be able to spend the weekend together. I feel funny about leaving him and the kids......I get a little bit of separation anxiety........but I am thrilled to see my girls!!!!! Lexi is coming too, since they haven't met her yet, and she is free! I thought it was super creative to put it in this airplane. So cute.
Thank you Kyle, for putting so much thought into my birthday, and for making it extra special. You are the best! I have been missing my friends lately. They have had this planned for over a month, and I had no clue! Good work =) That is not easy to do, since I am pretty snoopy!

Monday, September 14, 2009

A super sweet Saturday!

And a very busy one too! We went to Kyle's work party in the morning, which was a ton of fun. The kids had a blast. They liked the little jump houses.......even though they were afraid of them at first. The food was yummy, and the weather was great. I even won a gift card in the raffle. Alexis loved eating her pickle
Carson attempted to go in the spider man house, but went back to the smaller ones! Kylie had a beautiful butterfly painted on her face
she even picked out the colors herselfThen we were privileged to see David and Melissa again........this time we were able to watch the game in person!
Lexi had to have been the cutest miniature fan in the stadium! Kyle also talked his co-workers into coming with us. Hopefully they will come again, they are a lot of fun.
we saw these three men dressed up in the coolest BSU Elvis outfits, and asked them for a picture. The funniest part was that we actually use to go to church with one of them! The cheerleaders then came over and crashed our picture. Kyle obviously didn't mind to much, since he had his arm around one of them! he.he. That is just fine, because I was able to give the players a five on their way out from the locker room=) and Buster Bronco got a little friendly with my sister-in-law! What a crazy night! We are already looking forward to attending the homecoming game in a few weeks. And last but not least Boise did win 40 to nothing!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our bronco buddies

Our favorite fellow bronco fans came over to see us for the long weekend, and of course to watch the game. Boise won (I knew they would), which made for a great start of the weekend. Lexi sat in with David, Melissa and Aiden for the picture. It was cute to see them all in their jerseys.
We took them to ride the swans, and feed the ducks. It was perfect weather. We also stopped over at BSU to buy some bronco gear and do a little bowling.Kylie rode with her aunt, uncle and cousin. Kylie loves to have Melissa do her hair when she is here. She knows how to do fancy braids, and always makes it look really pretty! Then it was off to the waterpark!! So much fun. Alexis loved splashing in the water too. She fit into Kylies old swimsuit.....which was 18 months! he.he. I love her chubbiness! She is just as adorable as she can be.

Carson and Kylie were pretty brave, and went down some little waterslides all by themselves. I was so proud of them. I think we should try to go there one more time before the summer is over, if the weather cooperates! They were exhausted by the end of the day. I love all these pictures and the big splash of water in them.

Lexi loved playing in this fountain!
We also went out to breakfast at the airport cafe. The kids loved watching the planes...........daddy loved it even more!
Then we went to the nature center, and took the kids to play in the park
What a great, much needed, no work, all play weekend! David and Melissa are sooo much fun to be with. They make us laugh (until we cry), and smile.......which was a relief after a few stressful, sad days! Thanks for coming to Boise for the weekend, and we look forward to seeing you guys again soon =)