Monday, April 30, 2012

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Time to get the tree!

 I finally found a place that had flocked trees. I think they are so pretty. My little Carson was devastated that I picked out a white tree. He cried so hard, that the nice people at the tree lot offered to give him his very own small green tree. I was so thankful that they offered that, because my white tree was already loaded in the truck.
 Here is his very own green tree and he even used one of his trains to go around the bottom of it. I really loved their tree as well. I think they will get their own every year.
                                                    My white tree before decorations
                                                                    and again after

Lexi and I took my dad to his chemo appt. and painted our nails while we waited for him

Lex and Carson snuggling in his bed. I love to see how precious they are when they are sleeping. They look so innocent. ha.ha Carson is a sweetheart. At night sometimes he would say " I love you more than ice cream" and then I say I love you more than something else. Finally he found, in my opinion, the best way to describe your deepest love.........he said " I love you to infinity and beyond" (from toy story), and now we all say it. We tell each other that every night, and I hope we always will.

 And here are the kids at our church Christmas party. Santa knew everything they wanted.
 We also went to see this awesome house that was programmed to music. It was so cool. We went several times. The kids call it  "the rocking out house"
 And last but not least, my poor hubby had to have his gall bladder out. He had been having some miserable nights due to it. After having an ultrasound, the Dr. found a large gall stone in it and recommended that it be removed. Lexi and I went to hang out with him before surgery.
We had a quick break to grab some lunch and let Lexi pick out a present for Kylie. I was looking at a few things and turned around to find this. ha.ha That girl is too funny. Gloves on her head and all...she is always entertaining!
Thankfully Kyle had a really quick recovery and we got to spend a lot of time with him that week. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thanksgiving!! We had the feast at our house this year with my dad. The kids helped Kyle and I get everything ready. It is a lot of work. By the time we got our giant meal prepared, we were tired and not overly hungry. my assistant chef!!
I love the holidays and the opportunity that we get to celebrate with family. It is wonderful.
Kyle's parents always make gingerbread houses on this holiday, and we have adopted that tradition for the last several years. It is so fun and gives the kids something exciting to do.
Kyle came around to help after it was almost fully constructed. Better late than never!

pretty cute and colorful!and then late that night my friend Melissa and I decided to brave the after Thanksgiving shopping. When they call it "after Thanksgiving" that is what it means. Just as it is time to go to bed, the sales start! Melissa loves shopping as much as I do. We searched the adds during the day and planned our route. It would probably have been a nightmare without her there to keep me laughing. We waited in lines for hours, and we got some great deals. We didn't get home until 5:00 in the morning. That is what you call Shopping until you drop! We were pretty goofy and giggly at around 2:00, so we got a snack and geared up for some more. It was actually so much fun. I got to sleep until about 8:00 and then Kyle was ready to head to the mall to get tires on our car. I couldn't pass up another shopping trip. ha.ha I think I may have a problem!!
Two days later was a BSU game. We hadn't been able to go to one all season and I believe it was the last home game. Kyle and his friend went to it, and I took the kids out to run some errands. We ran into Santa and got to take a picture with him. It was a nice surprise.
And here is my little buddy with another big bump on his head. His head seems to always get hit. This time he tripped over a curb and landed on the cement. Poor little guy!!
And here is Lexi in my bead exhausted after some fun holiday festivities!