Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ladie's Night

Kylie and I had the opportunity to attend an all girl party that we had as a church activity. The family's house that we held it at was BEAUTIFUL. They had this awesome waterfall next to their pool. We were sad to leave Lex at home, but I was in charge of helping with setting up, and cleaning up, and it was great to spend time alone with my Kylie. We had a yummy B.B.Q, and we got to swim, and chat with other ladies. It was a great time!

lesson learned

We went to Walmart last weekend to pick a my prescription for my strep throat (fun times) and while we waited we looked around the store. We passed by the toy section, which is always a little scary=0) The kids were already tired from swimming all day, and Kylie found a baby that she HAD to have. She became very upset, when I told her that we weren't going to buy it at the moment. She started to cry and scream, and I had to come up with a plan super quick to save us all from an embarrassing moment. I told her that when we got home, we could see how much money was in her piggy bank. Her and Carson have done a great job at saving money for a few months. She calmed down right away, and loved the idea. Kyle was amazed by my super ability to prevent a full out tantrum;) So the next morning we headed to the bank with the piggy's
We counted the money...............and they had enough for the toys they wanted! Yay!!
Carson had a hard time understanding why all that change that he worked so hard at saving, turned into just a few bills. That was a little hard to explain. You can tell by the look on his face=)
We headed over to pick up the toys with their hard earned money..............
This is the baby that Kylie had to have, and Carson picked out a couple more trains for his collection. They were both very happy, and realized that money doesn't grow on trees! It was a great lesson, and they are now working to fill up those banks again!
Kylie's doll pee's too, so we have to go back to pick up some diapers for her. ha.ha. Crazy!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to Kyle

Kyle had a birthday last weekend, and our entire town celebrated it=) It was the same day as our home town celebration, so we got to go to a parade in the morning, and out to lunch laterHere is Carson chowing down on the yummy food Here is the birthday boy with enough candles to start a Bonnfire. ha.ha. j/k!!!!
We made him a banana split ice cream cake. Kylie and Carson were a huge help. Carson sliced all the bananas....he loves getting to use a knife, and he did a really good job. Kylie crushed up all of the Graham crackers.
I think lexi enjoyed the cake the most. Carson and Kylie picked out this hat for their daddy to wear, and there was no way he could turn them down!
We got him some BSU flamingo's to go in the yard. They are really cute!
He had a great day overall and it is always fun to celebrate his special day!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy fourth

We love this special time of year, when we can celebrate the birthday of this beautiful country that we live in, and pay tribute to the wonderful people who serve to protect it. At one of the parades we went to, there was a group of service men and women, with their vehicles, long sleeve shirts, long pants in hot weather and carrying big guns, and it was awesome to see everyone stand up and clap for them. Some people were even yelling out "thank you" to them, and I got a little teary eyed. I also thank and support their families....husbands, wives, and children especially!
Our fourth of July activities seemed to last the entire week.We went to the park for a fun day.......... The weather was gorgeous!
Not quite hot enough to get soaked in the fountain though!
There were some artists, drawing beautiful pictures on the sidewalks............
This one was so funny, I loved the ants coming out of the wood works to feast on the ice cream. It kind of reminded me of my house!.he.he.
Lex practiced walking with her daddy......she still needs more!
My mom was out of town, so we went over to hang out with my dad. Here we are sitting next to our fireworks!
We had a cool display of our own, the kids took turns helping their dad light them. They LOVED it!
Here they are running back to their was super cute!
Half way through ours, we saw the one's from the we jumped in the car and drove down the street to get a good look at them. Then we came back to finish the rest. They were awesome.
Lexi got to do her first sparkler.......with some assistance of course!
She gave up at about 11:00....and by the looks of this picture, I was not far behind her ;)earlier in the week, we went to a firework show that we have attended for the past several years. Carson played with the soccer ball, and with lots of kids.... Kylie and the girls did some hoopa looping.......

and we all loved the fireworks! Kyle and I discovered them when we were living in our first house, just down the street from where they have the show that follows an outdoor country concert. We had a family room upstairs, and saw the fireworks going off. Kyle talked me into hopping out the window and sitting on the roof to watch them. I definitely think we had the best seat in town. It was so much fun. They are still lots of fun, but not near as convenient since we moved!
We also accidentally went to a fun parade
The fire trucks came along and squirted off lots of water........this is where Kylie and Carson ended up when they came our way. They were pretty smart, because they were the only ones that remained dry. We were standing next to an older couple (it turned out that we also stood next to them at a previous parade) and the guy would bring us all the candy that came his way. He would holler at the people in the parade and point our way, directing candy to us. We loved it.......until the fire trucks came. Then he also pointed the water our way. The firemen then considered him their main target, so he came and hid behind me and Lexi. I was wondering why they would not stop squirting me, when I looked back and saw him ducking under me. It was hilarious! He better watch out, because there is another parade this weekend..........and you know what they say about payback.ha.ha.

Carson informed us over the weekend that he would like to be a fireman and work with Sparky (the fire truck from his video). I told him that I would be incredibly proud of him, if he were a fireman. He also loves water and hoses, so he would be great at that. We also wonder if he will be a meteorologist someday, because he loves looking for storms and clouds. We will just have to wait and see.....

Vampire Love

My super awesome Hubby surprised me last week with movie tickets to see the first Eclipse showing at midnight. I was not expecting to see it for at least a week after it came out. I woke up that morning to find the tickets taped to my bathroom mirror with a note from him that said " you better take a nap, go Team E". I was super excited all day long. He had arranged for my parents to spend the night at our house while we were out. We had to get there several hours early and wait in line to get a good seat. I kept telling him "these people are crazy" and then he reminded me that we were some of the crazy ones as well. Ha.ha. It was so nice, because we still had a couple hours to wait once we were seated, and we got to sit and talk without interruption..........which we rarely get to do. A lot of the ladies there were on the rude side, and I thought that was a bit silly. We had fun despite them, and we loved the movie!
I finally got to wear this awesome shirt that my birth parents bought for me. We got home so late, that I just put on my p.j. bottoms and slept in it. The next morning Kylie saw the blood splatters on it and she told me "uh oh mom, you spilled juice on your shirt, and you need to wash it!" Funny! Over the weekend we had to go eat at B.K, because they have a twilight game, and kids meal toys. Pretty cool!
This picture cracks me up. Kyle was pretending to be Jasper, and gave his best vampire impression. My mom and I were entertained by him=0) Thank you Kyle, and my parents for a super awesome night out that made my entire month! I am a little obsessed by my love of vampires! My mom and I are planning to see it together also......can't wait!

p.s. Kyle gets lots of bonus points from me for doing this. There were not a lot of other guys there, and he really proved how much he loves me=) plus, the poor guy had to work the next day. I think it is awesome that he gets involved with things that are important to me=0)