Monday, November 24, 2008

Boise takes over Nevada

We went on a little weekend getaway with no kids. We had never left them over night before. I was really not looking forward to being away from them. My mom and dad watched them for us, so I knew they were in the best of care. That made me feel more comfortable. I did a lot better than I thought I would, when my dad came and picked them up. Kyle and I had been wanting to go to a Boise state away game for a couple of years now. We thought this one would be a great one to travel to. The wolf pack against the broncos was the most exciting game last year. This one was not too far behind. Kyle's brother and his wife came with us, which made the trip even more fun. They are so funny! The drive went by pretty quickly, because of them. That is saying a lot, since it is a really boring drive. Carson and Kylie had a great time with my parents, and I am sure they were spoiled the entire time. I think my mom and dad's house is feeling pretty quiet today! We were all so glad to see eachother when we got home. Our two little munchkins were waiting for us at the door, with the biggest smiles and laughs. We definitely want to travel to another game with the bronco nation!
Melissa, David, Kyle and I trying to stay warm before the game. We went a couple hours early to make sure we got good seats.

This guy was hilarious. And we thought we were serious fans! He looked to me like a character off of Lord of the Rings.

Man these Boise people are crazy........they all travel 6 hours just to watch a football game. So worth the drive!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Happiest Place On Earth

Last week we had the opportunity of going to Disneyland with my birth parents, niece and nephew. We had sooooo much fun! It was a trip that we will remember forever. We stayed at the Disneyland hotel, but still had to do a lot of walking to get to the park. The monorail was broken quite a bit while we were there, so we were sore at the end of each day! It took Carson and Kylie a day to get used to the new environment and all the excitement. They were a little crabby the first day and a half. After that, we all had such a great time. My favorite part of the trip was having breakfast at Goofy's kitchen. The food was amazing, and the characters all came to our table for pictures. Carson loved Goofy, and Kylie would only allow Cinderella to sit next to her. Kyle's favorite part was the big white roller coaster at California adventure. I was not able to ride it due to my belly=0) but I could tell that it was awesome, by the look on his face. He rode it at least 5 times. He even braved the Hollywood tower of terror with Drew and Kayla. I was glad that I had a great excuse not to hop on that one! Kylie and Carson loved riding on Buzz lightyear, and shooting at the aliens. That and the Merry go round were there favorites. They also enjoyed splashing in the water at the bugs life play area. Kyle and I have never been to Disneyland before when the lines were so short, and the weather was so nice. We were really lucky, and chose a great time to go!

We thought we were pretty special to get this cool airplane to ride in.

Carson's first trip on an airplane. He did so good! He loves them, just like his daddy. Please excuse the pink paci. We are still working on that!
Kylie was happy, and mommy was relieved that there were no crying kids....only happy ones.

My handsome boys!

Kylie's first ride was on Alice in wonderland. She was a little scared by the loud noises.Kayla, Carson, and I
Goofy's kitchen The chef himself. He can cook for me anytime! Yummy

mickey mouse waffles for the kidsKylie started warming up to goofy, just as we were getting ready to leave.

The princesses

Dinner at the blue bayou, inside pirates of the Carribean. I love that ride. The restaurant is really neat too!

Kyle and I loved to eat at the rainforest cafe in S.F, when I lived in California. It has such a cool atmosphere.We were excited that there was one in Downtown Disney.

The volcano cake. I could not resist!

Carson attacking bad guys with his daddy. My very own men in black!

Carson and Kylie getting soaked in bug land. Good thing it was so warm outside!

Finally on our last day there, we were able to get a picture with minnie mouse!

We were so happy to be able to take Kylie and Carson to Disneyland. This is something that I have always wanted to do with our kids. We hope to go back in a couple of years, as a family of five!!