Thursday, July 26, 2012

More winter fun

Kylie and Lexi love to dress up, Kylie especially loves to dress her sister up. I love watching them play and prance around in their princess attire.
 Carson playing with some of his Christmas presents
 More dress up
 A trip to the mall. Who wouldn't want to drive a purple sports car ;)
 heading to Eastern Idaho to attend our beautiful little niece's baby blessing. Kyle hooked up angry birds for the car ride.
 My girls snuggling in the hotel room
 me and my handsome buddy at dinner
 The highlight of staying at a hotel is the kids get to swim!
 A caboose by grandma and grandpa's house
 and more swimming! Somehow I didn't get any pictures of the beautiful baby or any family members for that matter. I am guessing I left my camera in the car........who knows!
 My friend Melissa and I had the opportunity to go to the Brad Paisly/Scotty Mcreery/ The Band Perry concert. Melissa was a huge fan of Scotty on American Idol, and I have always liked Brad. It was a great night.
 Kylie had been really sick ever since we came home from Eastern Idaho. I really needed a fun night out. We  had taken her to so many Dr. appt's and even ended up in the E.R one night. She had severe stomach pain that lasted for weeks. It was awful and I felt so sorry for her. :(
Nothing a night out with Mr. Paisley can't fix! He is awesome and his songs are funny

 The girls may have princess gowns, but my Carson has giant helicopters to play with!
 We also took a day trip to the winter carnival in McCall. The parade was a lot of fun.

 And the giant buzz light year was pretty cool too

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